We’re Having Another Baby!

Pregnant with baby #2

April 8th, 2007- Easter Sunday I realized that I might be pregnant, because of the monthly indicator that either you are or are not likely pregnant. So, I decided I would buy a pregnancy test the next day, Monday. The next day I stopped by the store to buy a pregnancy test and it read negative. I still thought I could be pregnant because I had gotten several negative tests when I was pregnant with Sara. Friday came and I decided to re-test. Doug left early that morning to go out of town, so after he left I got up and tested again. It was dark, and the light near the toilet had burnt out, and I saw no line. I threw the test away and went back to bed. When I go up an hour later or so, in my obsessive fashion, I decided to pull it out of the trash once more to make sure, and I saw a very faint line. All day long I wondered if I was really pregnant and I decided that I would check again in the morning. I had a strong feeling I was, so Sara and I went to Babies R Us and bought “I’m a Big Sister” shirt just in case. That night Doug came home and I kept my little secret hidden from him. I wanted to tell him in a clever way, and I had to re-test in the morning to be sure. I didn’t want to pre-maturely get him excited until I was sure. The next day, Saturday, Doug was up and on his way early again for a video shoot until early afternoon. So, I had some time to go and buy another test and plan my big announcement. Sara and I headed to Wal-mart and bought another pregnancy test. When we got home, I took the test and it was positive. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s so shocking to see that faint pink line slowly appear, even if it’s not the first time. I dressed Sara in her new “I’m The Big Sister” t-shirt and patiently waited for Doug to get home. Right around 3 p.m. he arrived.

He walked into the kitchen, gave me a kiss and looked down at his cute little Sara. She was so proud of her new shirt but it took him a little while to figure out what we were trying to tell him. Finally he looked at me and asked if I was pregnant. He kept saying, “No way! Seriously??”. He was so thrilled.

Sara's "I'm going to be a big sister" shirt

We had planned a family afternoon since he had been away, so we ran to Target and bought a kite. We spent the afternoon flying a kite at the park near our house and all afternoon he kept saying, “We’re gonna have another baby. Can you believe it? “ We were beyond excited.

 Sara flies a kite
Sara flies a kite

We waited another 2 weeks before we announced the news to my family. We invited them over for dinner and had Sara dressed in her Big Sister shirt. When they arrived she was playing in the backyard with her bubble maker. Mom made her way to the back yard and saw Sara’s shirt and started screaming, “What, What?” then she grabbed my dad, and said, “Read her shirt, Read her shirt honey!” They were crying and and elated  to welcome another baby into the family. Immediately after, we called Doug’s family and had Sara say “ Big Sister” over the phone. They couldn’t quite understand her at first and then they got it. They were thrilled too and started planning their visit.

May 3rd, 2007- Our first doctor’s appointment with Dr. Saul Lerner. He tells us we will have to have a scheduled c-section because of our previous c-section. We heard the babies heartbeat, and our due date is Dec. 13th, 2007. Our wonderful friend Meagan Welsh watched Sara so that Doug could be with me for the first visit. Afterwards we treated ourselves to a little date night out and had dinner at Samari Blue.

My friend Meagan Welsh is two weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy with her second child as well.

May 16th, 2007- I have been getting a lot of morning sickness which I didn’t have with Sara. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE says we are having a boy this time around.

June 15, 2007- 13 weeks- We had our doctor’s appointment and ultrasound in the Clearwater office yesterday with Dr. McCance. It was incredible even though we’ve been through this before. Seeing a baby on the screen via ultrasound never ceases to amaze me. The baby was moving a lot during the ultrasound. Doug and I could hardly contain our tears when we saw our baby for the first time.  After the sonographer did the ultrasound she told us that we weren’t as far a long as we thought. Our due date was changed to Dec. 22nd. Fortunately, because I will have a scheduled c-section I can deliver about 2 weeks early, so anywhere around Dec. 10-12th is when we can schedule the c-section. At least that will give me 2 weeks to recover before Christmas arrives. Everything else looks good. The baby is healthy and I am weighing  95 lbs. I have been feeling pretty good lately but very tired.

Pregnant with Sophia
Megan and I are pregnant together with our 2nd babies

July 13th, 2007- 16 weeks- Belly check today. The doctor says our baby is very active. Every time she would check for the heartbeat the baby would move. I’m starting to feel a little movement inside now. I forgot how awesome it feels to feel your little one moving around inside of you. Everyone is still guessing that I’m having a boy, except Aunt Crystal.

Pregnant with baby #2

August 8, 2007- 20 weeks. – I have another ultrasound today. Doug is with me and we could opt to find out what we are having but we decide against it again. It was so much fun not knowing with the last pregnancy and because we are having a scheduled c-section we think it will add an element of surprise. The baby is getting so big and again we are amazed when we see our little one on the screen during our ultrasound. We can hardly wait to meet him or her. I have been feeling very strong kicks for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Sara will look at my belly and say, “Come out Baby”. I can’t wait for them to meet.

 Pregnant at 20 weeks

Aug. 15th, 2007- 21 weeks- Our baby is so active and moving all over the place right now. I’m sitting here on the couch watching my belly move from side to side. I wonder what we are having and what he or she will look and be like. So excited, only 17-19 more weeks.

September, 30, 2007- 28 weeks. I’m in my 3rd trimester already. Time has really flown and we are all getting excited to meet our new family member. My next appointment is Tuesday and then I will be going every 2 weeks. I still don’t feel a strong hunch one way or another on what we are having, but I’m leaning towards a girl. Everyone else says “boy”. I’m having difficulty sleeping now and I’m very tired but everything else is going smoothly.

Pregnant at 28 weeks

October 31st, 2007- Halloween arrives and we dress Sara in her Cinderella costume. We imagine what it will be like to dress up another one next year. Will we be buying a cowboy or princess costume for our second born? My Sister Emmy is going to get married in 2 days. Sara is the flower girl and I’m the Matron of Honnor in the wedding. We have been staying very busy with last minute preparations and all of the wedding festivities, but we are having a blast and it keep me from thinking of pregnancy discomforts. I’m huge and tired. I hope I still fit in my dress on Friday for the wedding. My Aunt Lori and Uncle Richard have arrived in town and join Doug, Sara, Crystal and Jake, my parents and I for our annual trick-or-treat in downtown Safety Harbor. Afterwards we eat dinner at the local BB-Q joint and then head home to get some rest before all of the wedding festivities take place.

Pregnant with baby #2

Sara- Halloween 2007

November 2, 2007- 32 weeks- My sister Emmy got married today to a wonderful man named Frank. The wedding was a blast but I thought for sure I was going into premature labor. I was getting a lot of  back pain. I’m not sure if it was the heels I was wearing, or all of the running we’ve been doing the past few weeks in preparation. We had so much fun and I’m sure I looked pretty funny waddling down the beach sand aisle in heels. Emmy, couldn’t we have worn flip flops for a beach wedding? Ha.

Pregnant with baby #2

November 10,2007- 33 weeks. Last week my doctor’s office called to schedule my c-section. That was weird and kind of nice. I have a date to focus on now. December 14th at 11:45 a.m. It’s kind of nice to have it scheduled so I can make plans for Sara; she will be going with my parents. I cannot believe I only have 5 weeks left. We will be putting the nursery together in the next 2 weeks or so.

Today I’m at La Mirage Salon and Spa about to get a pedicure and pregnancy massage. Ahhhh!!!!!! I so need this. Later on this afternoon I will be going to a dual baby shower given by Ellyn McCall and Mara Shelton for me and Meagan. Megan Welsh is one of my closest friends and is due with her second child 2 weeks before me. It has been so nice being pregnant together because we can complain and relate with one another and our older kids play together  while we  relax, watch and talk. We have arranged all of our appointments around each others schedules so that I can watch Colden while she has an appointment and she can watch Sara when it’s my time. It’s been so nice and gives us both a little free time away, even if it is just to the doctors office and back.

November 10, 2007- 33 weeks-Later in the day. My first dual baby shower with Meagan Welsh given by Ellyn McCall and Mara Shelton at Ellyn’s house. We had fabulous food, made little onesies, and talked a lot, like we all love to do. I left with some adorable little things including a diaper caddy, blanket, onesies, nursing cover, diapers, itzbeen timer, and some other great items. It was a wonderful night.

Baby shower invite

November 26th, 2007- My great friend Meagan had her baby boy Ethan Michael today. It was nice to visit her and hear how it went the second time around since I will be doing the same thing in a few weeks. I’m a little jealous though. I’m so ready! Ethan is perfect!

Megan has her baby
Megan has her baby 2 weeks before I do.

December 1, 2007- 37 weeks. In 2 weeks we will be heading to the hospital to meet our new baby. Where has the time gone? Today we set up the new nursery and last weekend Doug painted it. It’s starting to look so cute. It’s all starting to feel real now. Everyone still says it’s a boy, even perfect strangers. We are leaning towards Benjamin Douglas or Simon if it’s a boy, and Sophia if it’s a girl. The other day Sara kissed my belly and hugged it. It was so sweet. She is ready to meet her new sibling and so are we.

Pregnant with baby #2
37 weeks

December 8, 2007- 38 weeks. This time next week we will be at Morton Plant Hospital with our new baby boy or girl. My c-section is scheduled for this coming Friday the 14th at 11:45 a.m. Today we finished the nursery. It looks great. We did a very simple and clean look using the colors yellow, white, and light green. All of the furniture is white and the walls are a light yellow. It’s so sweet.

Recently we have both liked the name Van for a boy name. We still like Sophia, and we like the name Jayne as a middle name. The curiosity is killing me. Last week my really close friend Liz Bostak  who is a sonographer took my ultrasound video home to view. I wanted her to see if she could figure out what we were having so she could bring the right outfit to the hospital. I don’t want our new baby to come home in yellow. She called me after viewing it and told me she knew. All she said to me was that she was grinning from ear to ear after viewing. I’m not sure what that means, but I know she will have a very cute boy or girl outfit to give me after delivery, to take the baby home in.

December 11th, 2007- 39 weeks- Tonight Christie Dittmer and Tricia Greene asked me to join them for tea at The Safety Harbor Tea room as a final celebration before the baby gets here. When we arrived I was surprised to see some of my other very close friends sitting at a beautifully decorated table. We were the only ones there. They closed the place down for my surprise baby shower. It was great! We ate little sandwiches, scones, cakes and desserts along with our tea. We talked about my soon to be delivery, and I opened a bunch of cards all containing a  gift card. Now I could get any last minute items I needed. It was such a wonderful evening and a great surprise.

Tea Room for baby shower

December 13th, 2007- 39 weeks- Today Sara and I met Mia (mom), and Grabber (my grandma) downtown for lunch at Paradise. We all chatted excitedly about the new baby about to join us tomorrow. Then we headed to Target for a few last minute items. It was a wonderful afternoon. Tonight we decided to go ahead and decorate the Christmas tree so that when we get home we don’t have to think about it, since Christmas is only 2 weeks away. What a wonderful Christmas gift. Afterwards we put Sara to bed and sat in our front room talking about how excited we both were for the next day. Then we had a secret confessional. Doug asked me, “ Between you and me and these four walls, what do you hope we are having?” I said, “I hope it’s a girl”. I had always wanted Sara to have sister because I’m close to my sisters and I think it’s great to have a sister. Then I asked him what he wanted. He told me he also wanted a girl. Doug has always wanted only girls. We both looked at each other with a look of excitement because we knew the next day we would find out. Then we headed to bed to try and get some sleep. I was nervous and excited, so that was hard.

Pregnant with baby #2
On our way to the hospital for my c-section.