The Birth of Sophia Jayne Webber

It's a girl! Sophia Jayne Webber

Friday December 14th, 2007 we woke up around 6:30 a.m. and got ready to head to the hospital to deliver our 2nd child. The morning was filled with excitement and nervousness! We spent a little time with Sara telling her once more what was about to happen. My parents arrived at our house to be with Sara and they planned on joining us at the hospital after she ate breakfast and was dressed.

 Pregnant with baby #2

Doug and I said our good-bye’s to Sara and my parents and started our journey to the hospital. What an exciting ride. On our way there we talked about the reality of being parents to two children. We also discussed how we thought Sara would behave with a new little sibling. Then we talked about what we thought we were having. Everyone thought FOR SURE we were having a boy. We laughed together and talked about how funny it would be if it was another girl, just so that we could prove everyone wrong and because we both secretly wanted another girl. At this point I felt about 85% sure it was a girl and Doug was still very undecided. We arrived at Morton Plant Hospital around 9:00 a.m. and started the process of filling out paperwork, getting dressed for surgery, vitals and IV.

Getting ready to deliver baby #2
will it be a boy or a girl?

It was strange to sit in the hospital bed feeling great and rested and know that I was there to deliver a baby. It was nice. No contractions. No fatigue. All I had to do was get comfortable for surgery. Doug had the video camera on me most of the time, capturing the whole process. Then slowly my family arrived. Ben and Heather, Emmy and Frank, Crystal and Jake, Gigi and Pepa, my parents and Sara. I wanted to jump out of the bed when I saw Sara walk in. She was very concerned about me and a little confused too. She kept trying to kiss me. I think maybe she thought I was sick. It was so sweet. My room was filled with my loved ones talking about our new family addition and making their last minute predictions on the gender. Everyone including the nurses and anesthesiologist guessed boy, except Emmy.

Big sister Sara waiting for baby to come

Around 11:15 a.m. the nurse walked me back to the O.R. We took our good ol’ time and I walked instead of being wheeled in and drugged up, like I did when I delivered Sara. That was weird. It was cold in the O.R. and seemed like a much longer process then last time. Then, after a long while Doug came in to join me. I was very happy to see him and we were both so excited. I was much more alert this time around since I hadn’t been through hours an hours of labor. I remember that all of the sudden I started feeling what felt like a lot of kicking and movement. I asked the doctor if my baby was moving a lot. The anesthesiologist laughed and answered, “No, the doctor started your surgery.”  No one told me we had started already! I was fine with that. We were close now to meeting out little boy or girl. After about 10 minutes or so the anesthesiologist said, “ We will have a baby in about 1 min.” That was a long minute and my heart was beating fast. I kept waiting to hear the cry. What a magnificent moment when you hear your babies first cry.

Delivering baby #2- c-section

Then after a minute or so he said, “ Oh, there’s the head” and we heard our baby cry. It was perfect.Doug and I looked at one another and cried and smiled and could hardly contain our excitement and joy. It was about 30 seconds later at 12:09 p.m. that the nurses and doctors said, “It’s a………..GIRL!!!!!”. YES!!!! Doug and I looked at each other and Doug said, “YES! Thank you God!”.

delivering baby #2 c-section

It's a girl! Sophia Jayne Webber
Born on December 14th, 2007 at 12:09 pm, weighing 7lbs. 14 oz. and 19″ long

Sophia meets Daddy

I spent another 20-30 minutes in the O.R. before they wheeled me into recovery. Doug went to the waiting room to announce the great news to my family. They could hardly wait to hear if our baby was a girl or boy. Of course, he told them all of the stats and prolonged telling them if we had a Sophie or Van. We had to have a little fun with it. Then finally he announced to them that we had welcomed a little Sophia Jayne Webber into the family. They couldn’t believe it. They were thrilled. Then they dialed other family and friends to announce the news.

When I got to recovery I had a little time to myself to bond with Sophie. She was beautiful. Her eyes, brown like mine.

Sophia meets mommy

Slowly our family members came in to meet little Sophia Jayne and after about 3 hrs. or so we headed to our room.

We spent the evening recovering, resting and bonding with our new daughter. Later that night Crystal and Jake and Kristin came by to visit. Crystal and Jake came to visit when I had to feed Sophie, so Jake and Doug went for a little walk. While Crystal was visiting with me I told her she needed to hurry up and have a baby so that Sophie would have a cousin. She kind of smirked and then  I knew it! I knew she was pregnant. I asked her and she didn’t say anything right away and then she laughed and said yes. She hadn’t planned on telling me but I was so glad I got it out of her. How exciting. I get to do this all over again with my sister, and Sophie has a cousin on the way that will be close to her age.

Saturday came and we spent most of the day feeding Sophie, eating and sleeping. We were exhausted. Doug and I grew very anxious to see Sara. My parents had taken her to the Safety Harbor Christmas Parade and then they had planned to bring her over. Later on, in the early evening, my parents arrived with Sara. It was so good to see her. I missed her. She looked so big and old now compared to her little sister. She was again very concerned for me and wanted to be right by my side. She kept hugging ad kissing me. She loved holding her new baby sister too. I wonder what was going on in her little head. A little later on, Emmy and Frank and Mel and Trev stopped by to visit and meet Sophie.

 Sara meets Sophia for the first time
first family photo after Sophia is born
Sunday we got up, took a few walks and started the discharge process. We were ready to get home and be with Sara too. We were ready to start our new life as a family of 4. Around 3:00 p.m. we were discharged.

On our way home after Sophia's birth

Baby SophiaWe arrived home and my parents gave us a little time to get settled in before they brought Sara home. What a wonderful weekend. What a beautiful baby girl. Our family felt complete. Christmas will be even better this year! Merry Christmas to the Webbers!