We’re Having a Baby!

My baby shower w Doug

When I first found out that I was pregnant, Doug bought me a journal, to write about the whole process and experience of pregnancy and motherhood. I have taken bits and pieces of my writing from that journal and posted them here.

On October 21, 2004 , I found out I was pregnant. I was 10 days late and had already taken 2 pregnancy tests that came back negative. I decided to try one last time and to my surprise it was positive. I remember jumping up and down screaming……all by myself. I called Doug right away to find out when he would be home. He told me he would be running late because he promised his friend Ben that he would help him move furniture and his other friend Ted that he would help him hang a sign outside of his store. He wasn’t planning on being home until 11:30. Normally that would have been just fine, but I couldn’t tell him over the phone. I wanted to share this special experience of announcing fatherhood with him…..in person. So, since I had plenty of time to come up with a clever plan, I decided to make a trip to Target for inspiration. Target always inspires me and now I had a reason to rummage through baby clothing and shoes, a section I had always passed with hopes of visiting someday. I left with baby shoes. When I got home I wrapped the shoes and placed the gift  on Doug’s pillow. The hours dragged by and I struggled to stay awake. Finally, at midnight he arrived home. I rolled over and he walked into our room, saw the gift, and said “what’s this? I love gifts. Thanks honey.” I was beyond excited and then he slowly opened the gift. I think it took about 5 minutes or so for it to register. He looked over at me with a shocked open mouthed look on his face and kept asking, “Really? Really? I’m gonna be a dad?”. Earlier in the year, about 6 months prior, we lost our first baby. So, we had a little bit of hesitation to be excited so early on, but we couldn’t control it. Neither one of us slept that night. We decided to wait and tell our families at Christmas.

On Nov. 3, 2004 we had our first doctor’s appointment and ultrasound. After looking at the ultrasound the sonographer proceeded to tell us that our due date would be June 28th, 2005, and that we were 5 weeks along.

Thanksgiving day came and that means a big get together with my family. I thought for sure that I wouldn’t make it through dinner without spilling the beans. My family never really mentioned pregnancy again after our miscarriage, but I knew they all wondered. I made it through Thanksgiving day without saying a word and I only had more more month of keeping the news hidden. That was a long month.

On Dec. 17th 2004- 12 weeks- our 2nd ultrasound was done on the new 3D machine. Words cannot describe the feelings Doug and I felt when we saw our baby for the first time. At one point we were certain that the baby waved at us. For the first time I felt a connection and love for this child that I hadn’t previously felt. I think I held my ultrasound picture for 2 days straight.

Sara baby ultrasound

Christmas Day came and our anticipation and excitement grew. We wrapped the ultrasound picture in a small box and after all the gifts had been opened, we handed my parents their last gift. My mom slowly opened the gift with my dad by her side. When she saw the ultrasound  picture she had no words and only tears of joy.  My sisters started screaming and jumping up and down, then my mom said,  “The only gift I wanted this year was for you to tell me I was going to be a grandma.” My dad called everyone he could think of to share the news.  We called Doug’s parents and family to tell them the great news too and wished we had been there in person to see their reaction.

I continued to get bigger and tired especially because I was still working 45 + hours at St. Lukes.

I loved coming home from work and curling up on our big comfy couch while dreaming of what it would be like to hold a new baby in my arms.

Pregnant with Sara

-Feb. 1st 2005 – 19 weeks- I felt our babies first movement, a faint tap and fluttering sensation.

-Feb. 7, 2005 -20 weeks-Doug’s parents and brother Denny arrived in town. Dad and Denny helped Doug build a big back deck for lounging and grilling and  mom and I made numerous trips to Babies R Us. They were so excited to welcome a new baby into the family again. On one of our trips to Babies R Us, mom Webber bought baby Webber a beautiful white blanket, a small hat, and 2 new outfits to bring our baby home in. Then a few days later they bought us a beautiful white crib and matching armoire. Denny bought us our stroller. That was awesome!

Some of the names we tossed around were: Katy, Sara, Ben, Elliott.

BTW, we are the annoying people who waited to find out what we were having until delivery. It’s so much fun that way and made for an exciting delivery. We had a tons of bets going on with our friends and family..

April 4th, 2005-28 weeks- we toured Morton plant hospital, the place where we would deliver our baby.

Touring the hospital was so much fun and made the whole pregnancy/ delivery even more real.  The hospital was absolutely beautiful and the staff was wonderful. I could feel the excitement from all the other touring soon to be parents.

April 29th, 2005-31 weeks- I went with Doug and my girlfriend Sarah Buzzard to register for my baby shower. Wow, I had no clue how much a baby needs. Thank God for Sarah’s help. What a fun night we had picking out everything from sterile breast pads to soft bath towels and blankets.

31 weeks- Lots of movement from baby Webber

April 29th 2005-31 weeks- Doug tells me that he and Ben will be decorating the nursery and that they are going to surprise me with the final result.

May 12th 2005 – 33 weeks-The “unveiling” of the nursery. Doug and Ben spent several long days working very hard on decorating and preparing the nursery. I was forbidden to go in which was very hard to do, but I was a good girl and waited. Then on Thurs. night after work, Doug, Ben and Heather “revealed” the room to me. Absolutely beyond my expectations beautiful. The ceiling to halfway down the wall was painted a light blue color with clouds. At the halfway mark on the wall was chair railing and from the halfway mark to the floor the wall was painted a light green color. Both ceiling and floor was lined with crown molding. Doug painted and finished my hope chest from my childhood an antique white to match the crib and armoire. The walls were adorned with little butterfly and flower picture hangings because Doug felt strongly that we were having a girl. If it turned out to be a boy we would return the pictures and exchange for pictures of waves and surf boards or something. It was such a great surprise and so great to walk in every morning to look at while waiting for our babies arrival.

Sara's nursery

May 14, 2005 – 33 weeks-I take a test in Tampa for my certification as an Ophthalmic Technician (C.O.T.). I’m already a Certified Assistant. I was gone all morning and arrived home in the afternoon to find a beautiful new gun metal Honda CRV sitting in my driveway decorated with balloons. I wondered if one of our friends showed up to show off their new car. When I got out of my car, I was greeted by Doug and my parents, and then Doug said, “Here’s you new mom car.” I couldn’t believe it. My first new car. It had black leather interior and that wonderful new car smell. Yum! That afternoon I put the carseat in. I have the best husband!

May 15, 2005- 33 weeks- I celebrate Mothers Day at Fort Desoto Beach with my mom and family. This marks my first official Mothers Day. A week prior Doug decided to take the day to celebrate Mothers Day for me since we knew we would be celebrating with my family on this day. We headed to International Plaza where we ended up at Mac Makeup for all new stuff since a shopping spree for clothing wasn’t an option at 32 weeks pregnant. Afterwards we headed to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant and then a little gelato afterwards. What could be better than new makeup, Italian food and gelato? It was the perfect Mothers Day.

May 21st, 2005 – 34 weeks-My first baby shower at our home from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Hosted by Julie Adrian, Tricia Greene, Christy Dittmer, and Kim Caldwell. The food was prepared by my favorite chef Doug. About 50-55 guests arrived for the occasion.

My baby shower w Doug

June 12th, 2005- 37 1/2 weeks-My second baby shower thrown by my friends at St. Lukes at the Chili’s across from where we worked. About 15 of my friends arrived for this one. My girlfriend Marion made her fabulous homemade cheesecake. YUM!!!

June 19th, 2005- 39 weeks- we celebrated Doug’s first Fathers Day and we thought for sure our baby would be born on that day. Didn’t happen.

June 20, 2005- 39 weeks- First official day of maternity leave. I never ended up going back. I feel blessed to be able to stay at home.

June 22nd, 2005- 39 weeks- Aunt Lori and my cousin Kahla drive from TN. to be with me for the delivery. We spent time cooking, eating, shopping and being together as we waited for baby Webber’s arrival.

June 23rd, 2005- my water breaks