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The Beat

And here’s the pattern to the beat: Study (clap). School (clap.) Study study ( clap).Family (clap.) Study Study (clap) . Sleep (clap). Study (clap). Study. School. Study Study. Family. Study Study. Sleep. Study. Study. School. […]

Brain Exercise

My brain has been on an extended vacation for over 13 years. Yes………..extended. I started classes back up last fall, but ethics, statistics and algebra aren’t that hard. Now I’m learning Anatomy and Physiology with […]


We’ve been super busy preparing for our upcoming move.  I’ve also been busy trying to make great grades on tests for school, volunteering, and taking care of my family and house. I’m feeling so grateful […]

Mag Ad

Doug brought these Up Beat magazines home yesterday. Inside one of them is a photograph I took when we were in NYC for a video and photo shoot with Jo Jo Meyer. I was fortunate to “very […]