Double Digits

On December 9th, we celebrated Sophie’s 10th birthday, a move from single digits into the world of double digits!

Festivities began at noon, with a bounce house and lunch with friends and family. Sophie chose a galaxy inspired party this year, and the bounce house was a Star Wars theme.

Guests included:

  1. Mia and Papa
  2. Gigi and Pepa
  3. Aunt Emmy, Uncle Frank, Frankie, Lilli, Audrey ( and next year there will be a new little cousin).
  4. Aunt Kristen, Uncle Sai, Allie, and Olivia
  5. Molly
  6. Ruby
  7. Aunt Wendy
  8. Dario and Lisa
  9. Melissa
  10. Lauren Guinther
  11. Ella Worrell



Lunch created by Daddy included:

  • Homemade Mac-N- Cheese (per Sophie’s request)
  • Chili bar (for a cold and rainy day)
  • Bread
  • Fruit

It was delicious, as always! Thanks chef Daddy.

The kids bounced in the bounce house for a few hours, and we were grateful the rain stopped shortly after the party began.

Sophie received all kinds of great gifts including:

  • Squishies
  • Clothing
  • Jewelry making kit
  • Journal
  • Back pack
  • Jewelry
  • Money


And, her biggest gifts came from Daddy and Sara:

A new iPhone and iPhone case.


After gifts came cupcakes and the birthday song.


When it was time to wrap, Sophie said her goodbyes to family and friends. The hardest goodbye was with Molly. Molly an Ruby (cousins) now live in CA. Molly and Sophie have always been very close, and they miss each other so much, but we were so grateful that Molly was in town for the party. They both cried as they said goodbye, and then I cried. I love and miss you Cunninghams.

Sophie birthday38

In the afternoon Sophie planned a mall day with her two BFF’s Lauren, and Ella. We walked around the mall, had dinner, enjoyed macaroons and shopped.


Then the girls came back to our house for a slumber party.

Sophie birthday47

It was a great day.

On Sunday morning, we walked downtown for Starbuck’s and the craft festival before Lauren and Ella departed.


Sophie birthday52

On Sophie’s actual birthday, Thursday 12/14, we went to dinner, just the 4 of us. It’s a family tradition and of course Sophie  chose her favorite restaurant, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse. This place has always been the girls favorite place, and even though it’s hokey, Doug and I love it too. We enjoy watching the chef prepare our dinner on the grill top the sits in the center of the table. Vegetables fly through the air, fire flames light up and warm the table, and slapstick jokes by the chef related to the food keep everyone laughing and entertained. And, even if we would never hang out with the people at our table beyond a forced meeting at dinner, somehow everyone feels connected.

For me, Kobe Japanese Steakhouse is a special place, because some of our most memorable family dinners have been there. Doug and I love to watch the girls laugh, and have fun, and they love the food, especially the fried rice! We’ve celebrated many birthdays, great report cards, and “just because” dinners at this restaurant.

I think the girls will look back one day and say, “Remember going to dinner at Kobes Steakhouse??” as they reminisce about great memories. That’s my hope.



I love you SO much!! You are a beautiful person inside and out. You are one of the most loving and giving girls I know.

Happy 10th birthday beautiful little lady.

I love you SO much!!


Mom xoxoxo