17 Years!

To celebrate our 17 year wedding anniversary, Doug and I headed to one of our favorite places in the world, the cabin in North Carolina. We left on November 1st and stayed until the 7th, and we took Ziggy with us.

I could spell out every last detail of out trip, but I won’t. It was amazing, and will be filed in my memory forever.

Our first stop on day 1 was to Ingles, the little grocery store at the base of the mountain. It’s there that we gather a week’s worth of groceries, and get inspired and excited, because it’s the last stop before we arrive.

This was the meat we purchased at Whole Foods to take with us, before we left: lamb chops, filet mignon, wings, a whole chicken, beef short ribs, ground chuck for burgers, sausage, shrimp, and more!

North Carolina 17' 34

Ziggy did a great job on the drive up, and took less potty breaks then we did.

Each day was different, but had a similar flow:

Sleep in and watch the fog rise from the river. 

Long walks with Ziggy while siping coffee. 

Sitting by the fire. 

North Carolina 17' 22

Breakfast/ Bloody Mary’s. 

A sit on the back porch, a long hike locally, or playing with Ziggy in the expansive yard. He loved to chase the remote control truck that Doug bought for the two of them. 

Grilled lunch- wings, burgers, grilled cheese. 

North Carolina 17' 6

Baths. Massages. 


We made the most of every day, and enjoyed  2 days in one. We would nap around 3/4pm, and then wake up and start day 2, all in the same day.

After naptime, we’d enjoy cooking dinner together while sipping wine. 

North Carolina 17' 1
My new favorite wine- Freakshow

Then more play time with Ziggy. 

Dinner. Wine. 

North Carolina 17' 12


Marital moments : ) 


We did meet with our dear friends Jerry and Wanda a few times. We had them over for dinner one night, and Doug created a lovely dinner: beef short ribs, polenta, and roasted root vegetables. We have the best time with them, and spend much time laughing, and conversing about cabin life.

Then, they had us over another night for potato leek soup, and another fabulous night full of laughter. Wanda wins the number one spot of woman who makes me laugh the most.

Ziggy spent his days running around the land, watching Doug cook and patiently waiting for scraps to fall to the floor, and sleeping/napping with us. It was amazing to have him with us, and he brought a whole new dynamic.

Dougie worked on a lego VW Van, that took a few days to assemble.

I read and wrote.

Spending days doing whatever the hell we wanted, without any deadlines and any time attached to the day, was what we craved, and it’s we we received.

The best part of our trip though (by far), is the fact that  I had a whole week alone with my best friend. I feel so grateful for a husband that I actually love to be with. He spoils me with his endless heartfelt meals at the cabin and at home. I love our long talks about the girls, our life, our goals, our present, and our future. I never take for grated the time we have together. There’s no one else I’d rather do this life with. Happy 17 years babe. I love you with all my heart.

Doug and Lorena Webber Wedding Nov. 11, 2000