On Saturday, Doug and I escaped the business of our life and went boating. The girls were with my parents for the day, so we headed out with Ziggy, a cooler of food and drinks, and our new boat grill.

The water was as smooth and still as an ice rink. We cruised for a bit, then anchored between the two big bridges and floated, while Doug lit our new boat grill in preparation for lunch.


This grill is amazing, and grilled perfectly cooked hamburgers that we enjoyed, with a pasta salad.

To float in the open bay, enjoy a BBQ/grilling while listening to the Zac Brown band on Pandora, sip beer, and hang with my best friend, and my adorable dog, was sublime.

We spent several hours on the water and even caught an afternoon dolphin show.




In the early afternoon, we were wrapped up, and went home for a long nap before the girls got home.


The evening ended with grilled wings, a movie, and satisfied souls.