We’re Safe

We’ve been getting lots of calls from out of state family and friends the past few days in regards to Hurricane Irma that is projected to hit us on Sunday. For the 37 years I’ve lived in Florida, I’ve never encountered devastation due to a hurricane, however I do feel some anxiety about this one, and more so because everyone is evacuating, there is no water around, and gas stations are empty. I was fortunate yesterday to find a station near our home that had gas, and practically no wait, so we filled both cars.

We are prepared, and have several places to stay if we need to evacuate. However..believe it or not, we’re not in a flood or evacuation zone.

I don’t worry too much, except for the fact that I’m scheduled to work at the hospital Friday-Sunday, and I dread being away from my family. However, as a nurse and public servant, I’m required to be there, and if I don’t feel safe driving in inclement weather, a police escort will be called to pick me up.

I feel torn between my duty to work, but still I want to be with my family.

I do feel all will be well, as it has been for the many hurricanes that have hit Florida in the past. We’re prepared, and we have a plan in case.

Today, the girls had off school and today the weather is beautiful. We will enjoy this now, and have faith that all will be well.