Meet the newest addition to our family:

Ziggy 63

Ziggy Einstein Webber (ZEW). His middle name came to us after he continued to demonstrate his pure brilliance. The kid can sit, high five, lay down, and roll over and he’s only 3 months old!

He’s been apart of our family for 4 weeks now, and we adore him.

During our summer family vacation, we did our research. Doug found an app on his phone that allows the user to answer questions in a survey, and then it suggests the perfect dog for the specifics requested. Our perfect dog = Rat Terrier. Rat terriers are sort of a Jack Russell with an off switch. They’re great with kids and cats, brilliant, loyal, medium sized, obedient, cute, and they don’t shed a lot.

On Friday August 4th, we headed to Micanopy,  a 2 hour trip from home, to a farm that breeds pure bred Rat Terriers. Ziggy popped his head up out of the litter of pups, and looked me right in the eyes. When we snatched him up, Doug and I instantly knew he was for us.

He slept all the way to the pet store, by our home. Of course, Doug bought almost every item in the store. He’s been wanting a dog for 2 years now, so this was his dream come true.

Ziggy 40Ziggy’s adapting to the cats. Tigger is very curious, Baby is competitive, and Bridgette wants nothing to do with him.

The girls love him!

He’s been on the boat already, in his little doggy life jacket.

He loves the pool!

He loves taking walks down the boardwalk near our house.

He loves to say hi to every dog in the neighborhood, during our evening walks.

Ziggy 58

He loves to sunbathe on the dock.

Ziggy 0

He licks the girls goodbye every morning, when he joins me to drop them off at school.

He’s the best! I’ll post video’s of all the tricks he performs soon.