Surprise Getaway

To kick off summer vacation, we decided to surprise the girls with a quick, one night vacation in downtown Tampa. One of the girls favorite things to do over the summer, is sleep in a hotel bed, and swim the day away. Since we still have several weeks before our big summer family  vacation, we thought it would be fun to enjoy a mini vacation.

We instructed the girls to pack their bags and get some rest, on Thursday night June 8th. The next day, we packed the car, and explained to the girls that we would be going away for the day, and staying the night somewhere. I think  they were thinking we’d be in the car for several hours, but they were surprised when we pulled up to the Hilton in downtown Tampa, with the rooftop pool. Of course, they were thrilled and asked to go swimming right away. Prior to making our way to the pool, we dropped our bags at the two room hotel suite that Daddy reserved for us. The girls were so excited to have their own room, complete with a living room, and kitchen.

Because we arrived on a Friday around lunchtime, the pool was not too crowded.

Doug and I lounged by the pool, chatted about summer vacation plans, and enjoyed afternoon beverages. The girls swam for hours, and enjoyed lunch and virgin daiquiris poolside. Doug and I joined the girls in the pool too, prior to heading back up to our room.



Before dinner, we showered, and took naps. A benefit of residing in two separate rooms, is the fact that Doug and I got to nap and sleep in our own room, and it felt like we were vacationing alone.

We walked downtown for dinner, and enjoyed some of Tampa’s beauty, along the Tampa River Walk, and Channelside. There were local bands playing outside several restaurants, and a few events along the way. We loved our walk and the views, but landed back at the Hilton for dinner.

After dinner, we went for a night swim.

The next day, we had breakfast at the hotel Starbuck’s and then the girls swam a little more, before we said our goodbyes.

We headed to IKEA, near the hotel for a few much needed items, and the Swedish meatball lunch. It was a rainy day…. perfect for shopping.

That afternoon, we rested before we cooked dinner together, then watched the newest version of Beauty And The Beast.

I love the our private weekends together, and I love summer time!