First Day of Summer Vacation

Unfortunately, I had to work on the first day of summer, so Doug took the day off to be with the girls, and (apparently) spoil them.

I wished I could have been home that day, to kick off the summer with a bang, but I’m sure now, the girls were thrilled that it was Daddy instead.

Sara: Hey Dad! Can we get acrylic nails today?

Doug: Sure! What are they?

Sara: they’re nails that are a little longer, and stronger then usual.

Doug: Cool. Let’s go!

Of course, I had no say in the matter, and only received this text message of pics, once it was too late.

I laughed in disbelief, and to Doug’s credit, he had no clue that acrylic nails = Honey Boo Boo, until the process began. Later that night, he mentioned that he had a freak out moment, when he saw what was really going down, as the nails were being applied. But, he couldn’t stop it because the smiles on the girls faces lit up the salon.

And, they were cut down to almost nothing, and ended up looking ok.

After the girls finished getting their nails done, they went for lunch with Daddy at Bon Appetit in Dunedin.

Then they stopped by the hospital for a treat, and to show me their new look.

The first day of summer was a success!




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