Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a weekend of relaxation and family time. On Saturday morning the wind was strong and the water choppy, creating unsuitable weather for boating, and ideal weather for kiting. We decided to play around town for the day, and it started with dog walking our neighbors dogs Lilli and Marcy.

Then we walked across the brand new walkway by our house, that ends at the Marina Park near the spa. It’s an open space on the water, and the perfect spot for kiting.

After a little fun in the sun, we walked back home before the girls jumped in our neighbors pool, for an afternoon swim.

In the afternoon we napped, enjoyed a great dinner together, and then watched the movie Harry and The Henderson’s together as a family. It was one of my favorite childhood movies.

On Easter Sunday, the girls spent an hour searching for their Easter baskets that the Easter Bunny hid so well!

We headed to the Negrini’s (our dear neighbors and friends) afterwards for brunch,  an Easter egg hunt, Easter egg decorating, and more Easter baskets.

In the early afternoon, we launched the boat in the bay and went for an Easter boat ride, swimming and dolphin watching.

We finished our day in the kitchen, as Daddy assisted the girls with preparing dinner which consisted of a wedge salad, steaks, risotto and green beans.

We missed time with my family this year, due to the fact that my parents were remodeling their home, but the 4 of us had a great time together this Easter.

Happy Spring everyone!