Spring Break Part II

Our dear friends Ross and Rhonda, and their children came for a visit 3 weeks ago. The girls enjoyed a second spring break vacation while they were here. Our friends arrived Monday afternoon, a little after we collected S&S from school. Our first few hours together was spent cruising around the bay in the boat, and watching dolphins play. The girls sat in the bow of the boat and bounced around, laughing and having a great time together. Rhonda and I sat in the back and caught up on life, and Doug, Ross and Winslow took turns filling the role of captain.

Early evening we stopped for dinner at Bahama Breeze, where we enjoyed good food, and music on the water. It was a mini vacation day in the midst of a bust time for all of us. It was a great afternoon and evening catching up with the Thomases. When we arrived home, we spent more time catching up over drinks and cheese before we said goodnight.

The kids stayed out our house for the night, and Ross and Rhonda crashed at Doug’s studio, about a mile away from home. The next day we were up and on the road by 9:30 am, and headed to Busch Gardens for the day. We ran around the park riding as many rides as we could, multiple times, because the park was almost empty. It was wonderful. Sara rode Sheikra for the first time, and then we rode it about 6 more times throughout the day with her friends. We rode it together at one point, and I was impressed with Sara’s bravery, because Sheikra is known for it’s 90* drop straight down, but not until it suspends you at the 90* spot for about 20 seconds…which feels more like 2 minute. Sophie loved Cobra’s Curse, and Cheetah Hunt, and rode each of them several times. We rode almost every ride together, enjoyed a fast lunch, attended a cute animal show, played a few games, and visited the zoo animals. The kids (and adults) had such a great time together, and I feel so grateful that there were practically no lines all day long.

When we arrived back home in the early evening, we enjoyed a nice dinner together, and looked through photo’s and videos of our time together. We had to say our goodbyes around 10pm, so they could get back to the condo they were staying at near Orlando. Thanks for a great time Thomases! We can’t to see you guys again soon! xoxo