North Carolina Getaway

It’s an anniversary tradition to run away to a cabin in N.C. every year for our anniversary in November. However, last November, I was immersed in learning Emergency Nursing via an internship that’s required to transition into the E.R. So, our trip was postponed a bit, but we made it to our favorite spot a few weeks ago, in the beginning of March.

On a Thursday night March 2nd, I met Doug at the Asheville airport near 11 pm. He was already in town on business, so we met in Asheville to stay the night, and then drove to Hayesville the next day. We tossed around the idea of walking through Asheville prior to heading to the cabin for shopping and lunch, but that idea didn’t win over the idea of being in the cabin. So, we were on the road early, and drove two hours to the little grocery store Ingles, at the base of the mountain that delivers us to the cabin. We figured we’d pick up groceries and all necessary supplies first, prior to getting settled, in case we decided that we never wanted to leave. Whilst at the grocery, we ran into our good friend Jerry, who owns a cabin with his wife Wanda a few doors down from the cabin our friends own, and so kindly let us stay in. He invited us to join the for appetizers and wine  later that evening, and we consented. Had it been anyone else, we may have declined, but Jerry and Wanda are the best, and so much fun to be with.

When we finally made it to the cabin and unpacked, we started a fire, enjoyed a beer and lunch fireside, and listened to James Taylor sing through the speakers in the background. The feeling of peace, relaxation, contentment, bliss and gratitude are the words I find most appropriate for the ways in which I feel when I’m at the cabin with Doug.

We spent the afternoon enjoying the fireplace, the back deck, and relaxation away from the business of life. Around 5pm, we headed to Jerry and Wanda’s mansion cabin a few doors down, where enjoyed wine, appetizers and a ton of laughs. Wanda is the life of any party, and let’s just say we were unable to get a picture together because we couldn’t stop laughing. At one point we even devoured a whole platter of fried cheesesticks, and as Wanda does, she stated, “What did you think we invited you to dinner?!?! No, instead here is a plate of 50 fu*%^n’ cheesesticks.”  It was a great way to start our vacation.

On Saturday we slept in, and awoke to the beautiful sound of the water rushing past the rocks as it rapidly moved down the river. We open the sliding door to the master suite and watch and hear the river, as we wake up every morning.

On this day, we decided to start a big bonfire with all the little sticks that were scattered in the yard from a storm that hit a few days prior. We sat by the fire for a while, talking about life, and the girls. Then we grilled cheddar cheese burgers with caramelized onions for lunch, before we enjoyed a little hike near the cabin and then an afternoon nap.

North Carolina 2017 75

The hours vanish swiftly, when we’re at the cabin, and nothing else matters. The cabin brings about a true state of mindfulness, so that only the beauty and love surrounding us is our current state of mind. I love that place.

In the early evening Doug grilled wings and composed a delicious cucumber and onion salad for dinner, and then we watched a movie on the couch while a fire burned in the fireplace.

Soul satisfying food, and a fun movie night with my best friend is the best.

On Sunday, we decided upon a bigger hike, so after breakfast we headed down the mountain to a nearby hiking trail. We hiked the 3 mile trail, and found a beach along the way.

Along our hike there were moments of silence, and moments in which we discussed life, and certain plans and ideas we have for the house, for our future, goals we want to achieve, and summer vacation plans. It was lovely and fulfilling.

When we arrive back to the cabin, we sat by a fire, then I received a lovely massage candlelight from my favorite masseuse, Doug, before I fell into a long sleep for the afternoon. It was amazing.

Early evening came and Doug prepared stuffed artichokes, and beef short ribs for dinner, with a side of risotto. I played the role of sous chef, and we enjoyed a glass of Educated Guess cabernet, one of our new favorite wines.

After dinner, we sat by the fire and cuddled together while we fell asleep watching another movie.

On Monday, after sleeping in, we decided to take another hike near the cabin, and grab some nature shots.

Our day consisted of whatever we wanted it to. I spent a little time reading, and Doug spent a little time outdoors manicuring the yard. We watched a mid day movie. We grilled, napped, sat on the back porch and watched the river, and sat by a fire. It was another day of bliss. I love owning a completely free and clear day, in which I can do whatever I want, free of any responsibility or time commitments. And, I love that I also get to do it with my favorite person.

Early evening quickly came and when it did, we worked together on creating a wonderful dinner. Grilled steaks, risotto, and roasted beets, carrots and brussel sprouts, alongside a glass of cabernet sauvignon and fabulous company, made for a most wonderful evening.

We enjoyed our last night in the cabin as we savored a delicious meal, and time together by the fire.

It’s always hard to leave the cabin, but I’m so very grateful for the time we had together, the relaxation we were gifted with, clarity on goals we’re working towards, and moments to enjoy nothing but the beauty of nature, and the love that surrounded us.

I love you Doug! Thanks for another great year, and another great anniversary celebration.