Spring Break 2017

We packed in a lot during Spring Break. On the first night, each of the girls had a friend sleepover. Sara invited Dayna, and Sophie invited her girlfriend Lauren. Doug was supposed to be traveling to Memphis, but his trip got canceled, which was a great surprise for me!

The next day, the girls bounced around at the gym for a few hours with their friends. Sara loves gymnastics these days. They had a great time doing back hand springs, and balancing the beams with their friends, Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch and ice cream together.

I had to work on Wednesday, but the girls still has a great time because Melissa took them to see Winter the dolphin, at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Winter is the star of the movie Dolphin Tale. 

Doug and I feel so grateful for Melissa. She’s been our nanny for about 4 years now. The girls love her, and she’s like another daughter to us. I never worry about the girls when she’s with them. She takes great care of them, and provides fun experiences. Thanks Melissa for all you do!

Thursday we left for Busch Gardens for a day together as a family. My favorite days are our family days. Our day was wonderful. The girls are at the perfect age right now, and Sophie’s finally at the height in which she’s able to ride most rides. We rode a few coaters together including Cheetah Hunt, and Cobra’s Curse (Sophie did too), enjoyed snacks, and saw our fair share of big animals.

On Saturday, we went boating for the day and then stopped at Hula Bay for lunch on the water. The water was as smooth as glass, and the weather perfect that day. There was a slight breeze, and at times it was a little chilly, so we bundled up. I feel so much gratitude during our family boating days. To be with Doug and the girls, surrounded by nature and beauty is the best. Hula Bay is a great place for dining too. The outdoor tables and bar, that overlooks the water, gives the sensation of summer vacation. It’s like we were on summer break, during the middle of a very busy time of year for us. We take vacation days throughout the year, whenever we can.

We went boating again on Sunday, but the water was a bit too choppy that day. We made the most of it though, and Doug created a fun environment as the Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack  played loudly from the speaker, for our bumpy and adventuresome ride home. That night Doug and Sophie made homemade gyoza for our dinner/movie night, and we watched the movie Chronicles of Narnia.

It was a great spring break! I’m loving this warmer weather too.