Sophie’s 9!

Sophie J had a birthday! She’s officially 9 years old as of Wed. Dec. 14th! We celebrated her special day with friends and family last Saturday the 10th. The theme she chose was “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.

The party started at 4:30 pm, and she arrived home just in time for her celebration. She attended Nutcracker rehearsal right before.

Here guests included:

  • Mom & Dad
  • Sara
  • Mia and Pappa
  • Gigi and Pepa
  • Aunt Kristen and Uncle Sai
  • Allie
  • Olivia
  • Frankie
  • Lilli
  • Audrey
  • Lisa and Dario
  • Melissa
  • Annie
  • Lauren
  • Emerson
  • Kyle and Gordon

The kids played in the big bounce house we rented for the first hour of the party, before it was time for dinner. Sophie’s favorite food is mac-n-cheese. Doug made a kids version and an adult version of mac-n-cheese, along with chicken skewers  and green beans. It was delicious!

After dinner, the kids jumped in the bounce house for another hour before it was time for presents.


Sophie received so many nice gifts including new boots, a spirograph set, stuffed animals, a handmade jewelry box from Pappa, play dough, money, nail polish, string art kit, sand kit, American Girl doll stuff, and more.

One of Sophie’s favorite gifts was the Hatchimal she received. The Hatchimal is the toy of the year, and can’t be found anywhere right now. It normally runs $50 on the shelf at Target or Walmart, but it’s been sold out at every store for weeks. One can purchase it online, but the prices range from  $250-$400.  It’s the talk of the Christmas shopping gossip.

Because Sophie is such a giver, always giving to others, we made sure she received this gift. It’s the only thing she “really really really” wanted for her birthday. Doug’s friend Dario found one that was being sold in Tampa, and was able to get it for her at a really great price. Then on the morning of her birthday party, I walked into Starbuck’s for my morning cappuccino and ran into our dear friend Rick. He escorted me outside, because he wanted to show me something in his car. He opened the passenger side door of his car and reached for a bag on the floor. It was another Hatchimal. I couldn’t believe it. He told me the story of how he found one early that morning. He was at Walmart around 6am and went to check the shelf for a Hatchimal…just in case. He knew we were in search of one. Not to his surprise, a sign was posted stating that Hatchimal’s were out of stock. He noticed a sales associate in the aisle, and tried to communicate what he was looking for to this mostly Spanish speaking man. He spoke very little English, and Rick had forgotten the name of the toy. But, the man figured it out as Rick gestured a description, and then he reached up to the top shelf behind a few other toys and pulled down a Hatchimal. Amazing. I’m not surprised though, because Sophie gives all the time! I strongly believe that you get back what you give out. I also love that Sophie’s always clear on exactly what she want’s and she believes she’ll receive it. This is proof of that, because in a season in which Hatchimal’s are sold out everywhere or can only be purchased for $300 on E-bay, Sophie received her Hatchimal.

After gifts, it was time for cupcakes.

Sophie’s friends Annie, Lauren and Emerson stayed for a sleepover, but they bounced in the bounce house for a few more hours, before they came in. We set up sleeping gear in the living room and the watched The Secret Lie of Pets, before falling asleep.


On Wednesday night, Sophie’s actually birthday, we took her to dinner. It’s our family tradition, and she chose Kobe Japanese Steakhouse (her favorite restaurant). The entire meal was prepared before us on a hot grill with lots of flames, and the chef adds humor to the mix as well. It’s hokey most of the time, but so much fun. The most fun is watching the girls laugh, and enjoy the show. The chef rolls an egg on the grill then shouts, “egg roll”. He tosses the shrimp tails into his big chef hat, or makes a fire tornado out of stacked onions, where flames of fire shoot out of the top on the onions. The girls love the rice and noodles the most, and always indulge in a fizzy soda drink that requires a pop of the top, which then releases a round ice cube into the drink. The girls LOVE it, and we’ve enjoyed many nights together there, just the 4 of us. That means so much to me. It one of our favorite places, and I believe will be one of the girls favorite pastimes someday.


Happy birthday beautiful Sophia!

You are the most loving and giving girl I know, and I’m so proud of you! I love you so much.