Little Surprises

The temperature has been perfect lately, and give’s the sense of the approaching holidays. We’ve switched our attire from dresses, short’s and flip flops, to jeans, sweaters and boots. We’ve appreciated several nights of cool weather by an outdoor fire, while roasting marshmallow’s, and we’ve definitely taken advantage of warm Starbuck’s drinks.


Last weekend I had to work, and I was very sad about that, but Doug and the girls made the most of their time together while I was away. On Saturday night when I arrived home, Doug had a beautiful meal prepared for me. Lamb chops, risotto and grilled zucchini with a side of homemade ricotta was our dinner. The homemade ricotta was so different and better then I’ve ever tasted before and the girls loved it too.

When I arrived home early Sunday evening, I was greeted at the door by two very excited girls. The movie Polar Express played on the big screen and the house smelled warm and delicious as a roast cooked in the oven. Before I even took one step inside the house, the girls made me close my eyes and then each of them grabbed my hands. They slowly escorted me indoors insisting that I keep my eyes shut. When we made it into the dining room, they instructed me to open my eyes. The Christmas tree was lit and fully decorated, my collection of nutcrackers stood in the open hutch in the dining room, the stocking’s were hung on our old fashioned stove, and lights, reindeer, wreaths and Christmas decor dressed the house for the holiday season. It was the best surprise after a busy weekend at work. The best part of all, was knowing that Doug and the girls had a great time together, while I was away. They woke up early, made a plan, then hit Home Depot, Target and a few other stores in search of new Christmas decor. They managed to fully decorate the house and prepare a beautiful dinner all before I arrived home. I walked into a winter wonderland, and now it officially feels like the holidays around here.

After the girls finished showing me all they had done that day, we set the table and enjoyed dinner: roast beef, mashed potatoes, green bean and rolls. Warm comfort food is my favorite.

The girls have been home the entire week for the Thanksgiving holiday, and we’ve loved the extra time together. The week started with a visit to the mall and Starbuck’s, before the girls had to get their shots. They were strong little ladies.


On Tuesday we headed to West Palm Beach for the day. Doug had business there so we tagged along, and then went to lunch on the water afterwards. We watched Christmas movies on the iPad on our way home.

Unfortunately I had to work on Thanksgiving Day, because the hospital doors never close. I’m thankful for my job though, and the fact that I get to care for others. The ER break room was decorated for Thanksgiving and a huge holiday spread topped the long table. I didn’t miss Thanksgiving day food, just my family. But, my co-workers are pretty amazing, and we made the most of our day. The ER was pretty quiet for the most part, until afternoon hit. One of the patient’s who cam in with chest pain, ended up being a STEMI alert (fancy term for heart attack) once we hooked him up to the heart monitor. Everyone sprung into action, taking all the appropriate steps in order to save his heart from further damage. We had to transfer him to Morton Plant for a cardiac cath because our facility doesn’t do cardiac cath’s. I watched all the nurses work fast and hard for this man, and then the charge nurse looked over at me and asked if I wanted to ride along in the ambulance with her for the transfer. It was awesome. Not that I think someone having a heart attack is awesome, but to be apart of a team who was rushing to help this man, feels pretty amazing. I have a huge amount of respect for anyone in the medical field, and to observe these professionals working hard to save this man’s life was pretty amazing. I’m glad to be apart of this team of professionals. Within the time we called the STEMI alert, to the time we rushed him into the ambulance, only 23 minutes elapsed. Once inside the ambulance, I watched the medic give meds and watch the monitor, and I observed every move the nurse made, including all the documentation she did. The sirens were on and we sped through lights, sometimes bouncing in the air as we hit a bump. When we arrived at the Morton Plant ER ambulance bay, we promptly got our patient out, and everyone there was ready and waiting for us. We ran through a few long hallways, and went up an elevator before we made it to the cath lab. I don’t know our patient’s status, but I hope and pray he’s ok. I’ll find out on Monday when I return to work. So, even though I missed my family on Thanksgiving, I was reminded that I love what I do, and I love that I get to be apart of team that helps saves lives.


Yesterday morning, Doug sent me to his studio for a massage as an early birthday gift. He went before I did to set the thermostat to a warmer temp, and to prepare the space for my massage. When I arrived  relaxation/massage music played and the lights were dimmed. It was the perfect way to start my day. Thank you so much babe. You’re the best, always!

Last night we enjoyed our Thanksgiving meal. I was very sad to have missed Thanksgiving with my family, but this year was different, and we accommodated. Doug prepared a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry and lasagna. Dario, Lisa, Melissa and AJ joined us for the feast, and later in the evening we watched a movie. It was a great night and a wonderful holiday. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving too!