Sweet Sixteen

On November 11th Doug and I celebrated 16 years of marriage. We sent the girls away for the weekend, and spent a (wonderful) few days enjoying time together. On Friday, after coffee and a relaxing morning, we headed out for a day on the boat. Our boat is receiving a  little TLC and was unavailable, so we rented a boat for the day. The temperature was perfect and the water as smooth as glass. To be on the water with Doug with an open day and weekend ahead of us, was exactly what we needed. We cruised for a bit, then stopped for a little  while to sun bathe and enjoy drinks. Eventually we made our way to Hula Bay, a great spot for lunch on the water. We enjoyed a few appetizers and drinks before an afternoon of cruising around the harbor. The sun, the beauty of the water, great company, and great food was what my soul needed….and it came at the completion of a very busy several weeks of an intense ER internship for me, and the busiest time of the year for Doug.

We wrapped up and headed home in the late afternoon, feeling completely relaxed. A day in the sun with a healthy amount of Vitamin D placed us in a  state of chill.

Doug planned an in-house couple’s massage for the evening. Around 6pm our massage therapists arrived. Prior to that Doug lit candles, turned the Pandora station to relaxing massage, lit the TV fireplace and dimmed the lights. It was beyond what I can explain here. For an hour and a half we slipped into full body relaxation, and the bonus of having the massage in-home came when the therapist’s left, and we didn’t have to go anywhere. Instead we enjoyed an evening in our robes in a massage coma. Eventually we made our way outdoors, where we sat by a fire…. and perhaps we even baked a frozen pizza for dinner. Perhaps.


The sun rise on Saturday morning was an excellent anniversary gift. We sipped coffee on the couch as we made plans for our day.


Every year we depart from home to celebrate our anniversary and we always have a plan. However, this year time did not permit us to go far. With very busy schedules this year and lots of time away from home, we longed for a weekend at home, and without any plans but the plans we wanted to make as the weekend unfolded before us. We could do that without restrictions, because the girls were away. We decided upon breakfast and shopping at Barnes and Noble for the morning hours.  We left with loads of Christmas gift ideas and a Mario Batali cookbook. The Fresh Market was the next destination, and it was there that we picked up ingredients for dinner: beef short ribs, polenta, carrots, creme brulee and wine.

When we arrived home, the water enticed us out to enjoy it’s beauty, but first we did some food prep for our evening meal. Then we threw swim suits on and went kayaking for the afternoon. We toggled between paddling and racing to lounging and sun bathing in the bay (kind of like you’d do on a float in the pool). We have the best and biggest pool of water in our front yard. I love it. It’s a place to stop and relax, think about life or not think at all, and meditate.

When we made it back ashore, we decided to nap on the dock. Eventually we found our way inside to nap indoors. The house was filled with the best aroma when we walked in, as the beef short ribs slow cooked in the oven. The chill in the air outdoors was fitting for the warm comfort food that awaited us that evening.

Dinner was soul satisfying and amazing and included:

  • Mushroom Soup
  • Beef Short Ribs
  • Creamy Polenta
  • Roasted Carrots
  • Red Wine

Thanks Doug, once again (x’s 16 years) for a phenomenal  dinner and evening. We completed our evening by a beautiful fire outdoors.

Oystercatcher in Tampa is one of our favorite places to eat, especially for Sunday brunch. On Sunday morning we enjoyed a champagne toast, endless Mimosa’s, and Bloody Mary’s while sampling the vast and endless bounty that Oystercatchers provides on Sunday mornings.  We sat by a huge window that overlooks the bay, much like the view from our front room, and we took our time savoring every bite and sip that sat before us. We talked about our girls, our life, and some of our future plans and goals. I love the meaningful conversations about life that happen when it’s just the two of us. Often times we find ourselves discussing all that we’re thankful for. Being in certain environments, such as enjoying a beautiful brunch, or while boating or kayaking in our front yard, induces such conversation and an overwhelming amount of gratitude.

After brunch, we decided to head home to enjoy our dock where we spent the afternoon napping in the sun. Then we headed to an early evening movie, Doctor Strange. It was a great movie and a fun evening together.  When we arrived home early that night, we sat by another fire outdoors before the girls arrived home.

Thank you Doug for an amazing 16 years, and for an wonderful weekend. You’re an amazing husband, friend, and partner and you’re the person who inspires me most in life. My life with you and the girls is more then I could have ever imagined, and I’m so thankful. Happy 16 years babe. I love you so much and you’re hot!


Doug and Lorena Webber Wedding Nov. 11, 2000

The best decision I’ve ever made in life, was the day I said “I do”, to a life with you.