The weather has been perfect today. The humidity nil. A slight breeze in the air, gives us a sense of a new season. 70* weather this morning, and the water is perfect and still. It feels like Fall is approaching. Florida Fall that is. It doesn’t take much for the real native to appreciate a change in temperature and humidity, even if the breeze in the air originated from a storm, rather then true change of season. Any change and we’re like, “It’s Fall!”.


The girls have scored a total of 3 storm days so far this semester. These days are equivalent to the North’s “snow” days, and it’s really only fair this way.

The school year has started  with success. Sophie won a character award for the character trait respect. She also got invited to join PMAC  (Principal’s Multicultural Advisory Comittee). This group of students meets with the principal for lunch once a week to discuss different cultures, participate in multicultural activities and programs, and head up school-wide multicultural activities. This is totally Sophie.

Sara is playing the flute and has aced her first 2 math test’s.  As a matter of fact, I’ll continue my bragging by stating that she was the only one in class with a 100% on her first math exam. We’re beyond proud. Additionally, she’s navigating middle school quite well, and this is because she carries her father’s organized, prepared and “ahead of the game” kind of characteristics. She’s also quite the gymnast.

During the week days we attend gymnastics, ballet  and body attack (momma’s class). Sophie auditioned for the Nutcracker a few weeks ago, and received the part of solider this time around. She’s very excited, and loves rehearsals.


We’ve  spent a few weekend’s enjoying downtown, wether it be Sno Cones after a family night out, Third Friday Night, or October Fest. I love where we live!

The girls are spending more time with friends these days as they progress in age. Sophie’s BFF’s currently consist of Lauren and Annie. They’ve rotated houses for sleepovers, swim dates and mall visits.  Sara hangs with Lia, Dayna,  Saloan, and Annalise. She’s also enjoyed her share of sleepovers, walk’s to Starbuck’s with friends, and birthday parties.

Sophie’s friend Collette gifted her with this beautiful red jumper, identical to the ones she owns. They decided to wear their jumpers to school on the same day, and they got a ton of compliments .


Sara and I went for pedicures a weekend ago while Sophie was at a sleepover, and then the next day, Sara treated Sophie to a pedicure. I love when they get along.

Doug’s travel schedule has been quite hefty the past 2 months, with trips to Germany, London, Canada and Ohio. He’s accelerating and it’s inspiring. I love the late night calls I receive from him (although I prefer when he’s sleeping next to me), to hear about the adventures on the road, including the ways in which he inspired the drummer of Mumford and Son’s on the roof top of some motel, after a big drum off with some of the best drummer’s in the world. Or, the story in which he inspired a massage therapist to start her own practice, and now she’s telling him, with tear filled eyes, “I’ve been looking for you for 4 years to tell you thank you for inspiring me”. Btw, this was in Germany. He has this gift of seeing other’s greatest potential, and because of it, people come to him all the time for an honest opinion. It’s truly inspiring, and I feel  as though I’m where I am today, because of him.

Whenever he travels, he  brings back treats for the girls.

One of my favorite night’s recently was the night in which we went to dinner together at Green Spring’s downtown, the place where Doug asked me to marry him 16 years ago. We sat at the bar, ordered appetizers, and chatted with chef Paul, head chef and owner of this perfect little restaurant in the heart of downtown. We savored the best fish spread, from the fish he caught a few days prior, along with a side of  saganaki and duck wings. Whenever our glasses went empty, chef Paul would refill them before we could set them back down on the bar, even after we had paid our bill. Paul and Doug have been friends for a long time, and he allowed Doug to occupy  his restaurant for one night 16 years ago, for our marriage proposal. Before dinner was complete, Doug and Paul agreed that Doug would come back to help cook for a night, in exchange for a drum night at the studio. Paul’s a drummer too. After dinner, we snagged the cute couple that sat at the bar with is, and headed to the studio for some dance time. The studio is not only a swag office space, with a drum and voice studio, but also a great place for dancing,  and it’s right across the street from the new brewery in town, Crooked Thumb Brewery. 

Someday I’ll do a full post of the studio, in all it’s amazingness. The pis here don’ do the justice.

I’ve completed my first week of the ER internship, and I’m getting more and more excited about my new position. I learned how to insert an IV via the bone using a bone drill, practiced placing splints on my fellow students, studied how to manage a cardiac arrest, and learned about organ donation just to name a few things. There is a load of information that I must know before entering the ER.  I will truly miss all the wonderful nurses, techs, docs, social worker’s, PT’s, OT’s, RT’s etc, that I had the honor of working alongside on H2. I learned so much in my first year as a nurse, on a busy stroke/tele Med Surg floor, but I’m ready for new things. You can read some of those experiences on my nurse blog here. I love you dear friends on H2, and I’ll miss you, but I promise I’ll make some trips upstairs to say hello when I can! When I came home the night after my last shift on H2, Doug was not home. He was performing in a show with an old friend, but he made sure to leave this little gift for me.


He’s always so thoughtful!

My last day on H2:

Doug’s coming home this week, and we are very much looking forward to being with him. He’s been gone for 10 days, an it’s never the same without him.

Have a great week friends and family