Middle School & Third Grade

The girls went back to school about 3 weeks ago. Sara started middle school, and Sophie 3rd grade. Of course Sara was all nerves the first day, and rightfully so,  with a new environment, new classmates, lots of teachers, 4 minutes to get from class to class, and figuring out when to run to her locker and when to skip it. I’m happy to report that she’s doing great, and has adjusted to the new changes quite well. She’s met some new friends, likes all her teachers and just found out yesterday that she’s been chosen to play the flute in band. Hopefully she’s a better flutist then I was!

Soph is doing a great job as well! She’s already won a character award, for the virtue “respect”. This award is added to the “kindness” and “caring”  character awards she’s won in the past. We are so proud of you Sopha!

Character Award

First we dropped Sophie off at school, and this year she wanted us to say our goodbyes at the gate so she could meet Lauren for breakfast in the cafeteria. That was hard for me because I wanted to make sure she was settled in her new class (and that she could find it), and grab a few pics of her in the classroom and with her teacher. But, I let her do her thing, and she was fine…and I was fine.

Then we walked with Sara from home to Middle School, which is literally just a few blocks down the road. She was well prepared for the first day, as she always is. She was very grateful to see Lea at the gate when we arrived, and they walked in together to find homeroom. Doug and I walked home in disbelief that our oldest is now stepping into a different more grown up phase of life; middle school. She does seem much older these days.

I’m never ready to say good-bye to summer time. It’s my favorite time of the year. We had such a great summer, and a wonderful family vacation to NC, which I will finish writing about soon. It was hard for me to see them off the first day, and the house was too quiet, but I’m reminded of how much I love my time with them when they’re home.

Go get em’ girls! You’re going to have a great year, I have no doubt!

Mom and Dad love you so much and we are so proud of both of you! xoxo

Oh, and I start an Emergency Internship in October. I was just offered a position in the ER where I work, and I got the call as I was writing this post. I’m SO excited. I’ve always wanted to work in the ER, and now I’m headed there! The internship is a 6 month program, and I can’t wait to learn Emergency med!