Summer 2016

The summer has been fast, but fun. I was going through some of the pics on my phone, and came across a few that were cute. We’ve crammed a lot in on our days off, but it’s been a great summer so far!

We’ve watched movies and visited the mall several times.

We’ve done lots of swimming. Our next door neighbors just installed a pool, which they allow us to use anytime.

We’ve also ventured to the bigger pool in Dunedin for the diving board:

We’ve played with Aunt Wendy’s newest pet, Savannah the snake:

We’ve spent a lot of time boating, tubing and curiously watching dangerous teens jump from this tower:

(I better never catch you jumping from the tower girls)!

We’ve played at the airport, after dropping Daddy for a business trip:



Summer 2016 9
This one’s for you Aunt Crystal

We’ve enjoyed time with friends:

We’ve enjoyed girls night out, while Daddy was away:

Summer 2016 10

We’ve enjoyed grilling and Daddy’s food:

The girls loved the beach day with Daddy, while I was working.

Beach bound:

We’ve indulged in pedicures and manicures:

Our toes are vacation ready!

Summer 2016 18

Now we’re excited for summer family vacation. I can’t disclose our destination here, because it’s a surprsie for the girls… and Sara I know you’re reading this! Daddy is preparing the slideshow presentation that will air tonight, and provide the girls with a few clues about our destination and our plan. I think Doug’s more excited then the girls, as he plans all kinds of little surprises. Amazon boxes have been arriving, and last night Doug and I attended a planning session in our bedroom, over a nice glass of wine. I can hardly wait.  Happy summer vacation!