Lil’ Captina’s

On our last boat excursion, the girls had the opportunity to play the role of captain. They did a great job maneuvering the boat around the bay. It was a great day to practice, because the water was as smooth as glass. Great job, my Lil’ Captina’s.

My favorite days are boat days, in which the 4  of us cruise around the area, listening to music and being with one another. I get to stop and allow my brain to think, or not think. I get the chance to relax. I always feel so grateful, and I go through all of the blessings in my head. It’s a great practice. I get the chance to be re-inspired. I get the chance to “be” with the girls. We laugh and play together. We also get the chance to sit and talk about all kinds of things; middle school, friends, goals, girlie things, life and more. I get to be with Doug, and we get the chance to talk about all kinds of things too. It’s my favotire place to be these days, with my 3 favorite people.