Sea Banana’s

Florida’s notorious for summer afternoon rainstorms, and we’ve been caught in a few recently, during our weekend boat excursions. At first it was a little frightening, but we’ve learned to adapt. The bimini top covers the rain from above and our big beach umbrella acts as a shield in front of us, like a knights armor, covering our bodies from the rain that often times hits sideways from the strong winds. The girls throw on their yellow rain coats and climb under the little ledge that hosts the driving wheel, and the passenger seat on the opposite side.

The sun always makes a comeback, usually relenting about 20-30 minutes later. It won’t wait long. We quickly dry with the combination on the loyal sun, and the wind from the high speeds of the boat.

The girls favorite part of the whole experience is when they get to play Harry Potter, in the bow of the boat. Their yellow rain jackets act as capes. They sit on their knees, and pretend to fly, as we soar over the water. Doug and I sit and watch as they pretend to throw a ball in the air  and play Quidditch, with the hair and capes”flying” in the wind.

I love every second of watching them have fun together and use their imaginations. Doug and I look at one another with a sense of contentment and realize how blessed we are. Life is good.

Oh, and I love when Doug’s hair curls like this, from the rain and humidity. He’s not so fond of it, but I think he looks like a relaxed surfer boy. Hott.


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