Visit with Christina

Our brilliant and beautiful niece Christina came for a visit near the beginning of the summer. She traveled to us from Minnesota, where she studies Biomedical Engineering and Physiology at the Mayo Clinic. We’re so proud of her accomplishments.

We spent one of the weekend days on the boat. We began with a cruise around the bay, then landed at Hula Bay for lunch and Sangria’s. Hula Bay is a great place to visit for a quick lunch waterside, or for Sunday brunch. Hula Bay.

After lunch and re-boarding the boat, we found ourselves in a strong summer rain storm.The wind and the rain came down fast and hard. The girls huddled together on the back seat, keeping each other warm with their body heat combined. They bowed their heads like little birds, to shield their faces and eyes from the the rain drops that felt more like pebbles, as the boat moved towards the rain but in the direction of the clear sky ahead. Goosebumps surfaced atop their skin, and I could hear their shivers. But, we made it past the storm, with an additional boat story in the queue. The sun came out and we were dry, warm and ready for tubing shortly after.

We spent the afternoon tubing and cruising, before we decided to head home for showers and dinner.

We savored a nice dinner together at Carmel Cafe that evening, one of our favorite restaurant’s near home.

On Monday, we enjoyed a day of swimming at our neighbors pool, tanning, and Italian ice. Doug and Christina prepared a nice chimichurri steak, black beans and rice, and cucumber tomato salad for an early dinner, before we had to our goodbyes.

Thanks for the visit Christina. We are so proud of you, and look forward to hearing about the many great things you’re doing to make a difference in the world. xoxo


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