Water Fun

Daddy bought the girls (and momma) a two seater tube for the boat. We’ve had great fun with it so far. As we approach summer, there’s nothing better then fun days in the sun boating and tubing, and we sense the summer vibe. We’re all very excited for the break, and when driving in the car or during dinner, we toss about ideas for what we’ll do in our free time. It’s wonderful. We work hard the majority of the year, and we play hard when it’ time for a break.


Tubing with Melissa, our wonderful nanny, who’s been with us for about 3 years now. The girls adore her, and she’s become apart of our family.

Sara invited her friend Dayna to join us a few weekends ago. We enjoyed a picnic on the beach, went tubing and took an expedition around the bay all day. My favorite evenings consist of great food and time with my family after a full day in the sun. Doug prepared a whole beer can chicken with homemade barbeque sauce, black beans and rice, tomato salad, and corn for dinner, while we drank wine and enjoyed the sounds of Chris Stapleton’s new record. The perfect end to a perfect day.

There’s only 1.5 days left of school! Happy summer ya’ll!

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