Mother’s Day 2016

As I awoke on Mother’s Day, I was greeted by Doug, standing on my side of the bed, with a cappuccino delivery. I was ordered to sleep in or play on my laptop, while he and the girls finished breakfast. I chose the latter. I enjoyed the opportunity to play around freely on my laptop and even write a bit, while I listened to the girls busily prep breakfast in the kitchen with Daddy. The aroma that came from the kitchen prompted me out of bed before breakfast was ready, but that was just as great. I love watching the girls cook in the kitchen with Daddy. It makes me smile. I’m so blessed.

The menu:

Lemon Infused French Toast with homemade whipped cream and strawberries


Hard boiled Eggs

English Muffins with avocado spread

Breakfast was delightful. Thank you Doug, Sara and Sophie!!

After a beautiful meal,  and boat prep, I was presented with gifts.

I also received a new cover-up to wear on the boat.

We were on our way to the marina around 10:30 a.m. for a day on the water.

We spent the morning cruising around the bay, and at one point along the way, we encountered a school of dolphins. We discovered that dolphins love to swim in the boat wake. Doug drove around in circles, and sped up a few times to create some fun for them. They swam alongside our boat, and I don’t care how many times I encounter dolphin’s in the wild, it never grows old.


Doug spotted a small private beach, void of any other boaters and swimmers, and we set up camp there, with our beach chairs, umbrella and portable grill atop the sand. The girls swam for a bit and then played in the sand, while Doug made us lunch. Burgers and Nona Webber’s macaroni salad is my favorite. Sitting on the beach in my chair, grilling with Doug and quietly observing the girls enjoy the water and beach, was the perfect combination for the best Mother’s Day ever. To be with the 3 people I love more the anything, was the best gift. The amount of gratitude I felt, was immeasurable and I feel like the luckiest mom on the planet.

After a couple of relaxing hours on the beach, we boarded the boat, and went cruising again. The girls and I got our  chance in the captain’s seat too.

My little mermaid.

Mother's Day 2016-05-09 at 10.46.07 AM

I was gifted another Mother’s Day gift, that Doug likes to say he arranged, when we came upon another school of dolphins. They swam alongside our boat, underneath it and raced with us for a good half hour. It was surreal. I cried. The footage I captured is shaky, and edited quite a bit. The girls squeals and screams are the best. Here’s a little peek:

I can’t imagine a better Mother’s Day. It was perfect.

When we arrived home, after showers and such, the girls and Doug presented me with two more gifts.

This beautiful locket, that I can wear to work was the first gift. The girls had the idea that when I’m away and missing them, I can always look at their picture in the locket that hangs around my neck. I LOVE love it.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, Sara insisted I sit on the couch as she pressed play to a video she made especially for me. Five seconds, was the only length of time I could manage before tears ran down my cheeks.  I could hardly keep myself together. The video was so amazing. I loved the old video footage of the girls when they were young, that she incorporated into the video. She spent hours working on it for me, and I’m amazed at her ability. She’s like her daddy. More importantly, I’m amazed at her big heart.

I sit here now with tears in my eyes, and a heart full of gratitude for the beautiful girls I call my daughters. I love being your momma Sara and Sophie. Thank you Doug for the most beautiful breakfast, gifts, experiences on the boat, lunch and for the call you made to the dolphins ; ) I love you beyond words!

Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom, and mother in law. I’m so blessed to call both of you “mom”. Thanks for all you do and for the love you give to me and my family. I love you both!


Happy Mother’s Day to my sister’s, cousin’s, aunt’s, grandmother’s and friends. I hope you had a day full of fun, relaxation and love!



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