Meet the newest addition to our family, Saloso.

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SAraLOrenaSOphia. Of course this was Doug’s idea for the name. I like it.

Saloso has already brought so much fun and relaxation, as well as memories that I will hold with me forever.

There’s something about being on the water, with the 3 people I love the most, disconnected from the world, and in the sun and nature, that brings forth the most amount of gratefulness I’ve ever experienced. It’s like the only world that exists is the present one, when on the sea. The past few months Doug and I have been  overly industrious, and not always by will. Doug’s running a business, with all kinds of great and new opportunities flowing his way, and I’m grateful. He’s grateful. I’ve been working full time and taking classes full time, chipping through pre-reque’s for the BSN. I’m grateful for the advancements I’ve made, and for the opportunity to be in the space I’m in. But, there must be a zone for decompression. Being on the boat, allows us to re-focus. It allows us to be re-inspired. It’s a natural anti-stress field. I sit in the co-captain’s chair, and watch the man I love, beyond the words I can find, drive the boat. I watch peace, gratefulness, and fun overhaul the business and weight of a busy week, through his body and facial expressions. I observe the girls sitting in the front of the boat, as their hair floats in the air and smiles overtake their entire face, whenever Daddy speeds over the water. I sit back and quietly take it all in, and the most amazing sense of love and gratefulness overwhelms me, and at times I find myself a little teary. I’m present, in the moment, when I’m on the boat. Nothing else matters, but the people I’m with, and the blank, beautiful and endless slate of water that presents before us, clears my mind further. It’s like the sea in all it’s allure and beauty,  demands my full attention and awe. It’s true meditation.

Two weekends ago, we were up early packing lunches and drinks and other boat supplies, and then we walked to the downtown Marina, where our boat was docked in our friends boat slip. We were on the water but 11 a.m. The water was as still as ice, and the sun’s reflection over the water, gave the appearance of a vast amount of glimmering diamonds before us. There was not a bit of chop that day, and whenever we took full speed, it was like we were gliding atop an ice rink. I took the captains seat at moments in the day, for the chance to drive. We went under the Courtney Campbell Causeway, the Howard Franklin Bridge and eventually found a small beach near the Gandy bridge. It was there that we docked, enjoyed lunches while listening to Prince,  and spent time swimming. The girls had such a great time. From there, we did a little more exploring and spent the afternoon cruising around Tampa Bay. Eventually we had to re-fuel, so we found a gas station marina. We never felt the urge to wrap up, and actually wished we could extend the day by 6 hours, so we played all afternoon, and then drove around to Bahama Breeze for dinner. It was by far, the best day on the water with the people I love the most. I will never forget that beautiful day.