Free Pink

I passed Spanish. The other two classes I knew I’d pass. Spanish had me concerned. The lump I discovered had me concerned. It’s benign, and I’m feeling much less anxious these days.

I slept in. I haven’t planned my entire day. If I do have an idea of a plan, it’s definitely not centered around a discussion post, or a paper. Nope, I’m lying in bed this Saturday morning, with my husband’s big fluffy robe around me, and my laptop open, playing freely. He’s setting up a rig downtown, in preparation for the paddle board event, in which he’s DJ for the day. Eventually the girls and I will walk downtown and join him. The girls will go down the big water slide 500 times, and play with friends, while I eat, drink and perhaps look at a magazine. Well, I guess I sort of have a plan. It feels surreal. I love free weekends. I love that I’ve completed this semester, and all the pre-reques for my BSN. I love the feeling I have right now, of an open schedule-less day with my family, and perhaps a night on the dock. The weather is perfect 73* and a bit windy.

The girls have almost reached the completion of another school year!  The summer is coming. I anticipate the sun, the waves, the mountains, the road trip, the boat rides, the beach, the food and grill outs, the movies, the memories and sleeping in.

This is my pink, in honor of breast cancer awareness.

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