Visit With the Webber’s

It’s been a very busy year thus far. But, we’ve made space for fun days in the sun, time with family and friends, and a little relaxation in the midst of very busy schedules.

It seems surreal to sit on my couch this rainy morning with a Starbuck’s in my hand, time to write, and no pressure of completing assignments for 3 classes. Classes are done. I’m done with pre-requisites and can officially apply for my BSN. Besides the 3 days a week that I work, I have an entire summer open and free of school work, and even more time to spend with my family. I love it. I love that I can sit back and reflect and write about some fun experiences we’ve had over the last few months, but it will have to been done in parts. It’s been too long since I’ve visited my creative side. It’s been a while since I’ve visited this space on my laptop, the home for the sentiments and memories I want to file away for later. I’ve longed to sit and write, but it hasn’t seemed to be possible. Now it does, and I’m grateful for time.

On March 16th, Doug’s brother Denny and wife Kathy came for a visit. We enjoyed a few  wonderful days together. On Thursday, Doug and I skipped work (and school), and we walked downtown with Denny and Kathy for coffee, and the Thursday Farmer’s Market held at the gazebo. Before lunch on the boat, and time on the water, Kathy and I decided to care for ourselves, and went for manicures and pedicures, while the boys prepped the boat and packed drinks.

We spent a few hours cruising around in the harbor, before we stopped for a quick break to get the girls from school. The girls joined us for the rest of the afternoon on the water, before we headed in for dinner.

On Friday, Doug’s nephew Anthony and his new wife Tiffany landed at the Tampa Airport, from PA, a little before lunch time. We enjoyed a light lunch at the house, and then we were back on the boat, taking in the sunshine and relaxation. We docked at the park for a bit, so that Kathy and I could  get the girls from school when it was time, and then we spent the rest of the afternoon cruising around Tampa Bay. We eventually found ourselves docked at Bahama Breeze for afternoon snacks and drinks.

Later that evening, after we cleaned the boats and our bodies, we walked downtown for the monthly SH 3rd Friday night, the local monthly event that our little town puts together, and that most residents of SH and surrounding areas attend. We indulged on street food for dinner, listened to live music at the gazebo and Irish music at Nolan’s Pub, enjoyed Hawaiian shaved ice, and took pictures with a parrot who happily sat upon any willing arm.

On Saturday, after a nice walk to breakfast with everyone at the downtown diner, Paradise, we ran home in the rain. I had a museum to visit and a paper to write for my Humanities assignment, so Sara and I said our goodbyes to the family, and we headed to the Museum of Fine Arts in downtown St. Pete. Having Sara with me helped the trip seem more meaningful and interesting. I had the chance to learn what I needed for my paper, and experience art with my daughter. Sara’s my creative being, so she really enjoyed her time at the museum that day.


The family left that afternoon, but the following week, while the girls were on Spring Break, we were able to catch up with them again in Orlando.

We played in the pool at the house they rented near Disney for the day, and then headed to The Rainforest Cafe, in downtown Disney for dinner. After dinner, we shopped and enjoyed ice-cream at the Giradelli Chocolate shop. I’m not fond of the business and the crowds of people that attend downtown Disney (anyone who knows me, know’s this is true), but it was nice to be with family, and I  “made” it.

At the end of the day, after the girls said goodbye to their cousins, we packed their tired bodies in the car and headed to the Hilton Hotel for the evening. The girls played in the lazy river, went down the water slide many times, and swam for a few hours the next morning before we packed our car and headed back home.

We had a great time with the Webber family, and we spent the rest of the Spring Break enjoying time together and preparing for Easter.

Happy Spring, 2016!