Middle School?

Two weeks ago we attended middle school open house for Sara B. How can we be here already? The transition from elementary to middle starts in the fall, and it’s a bittersweet transition. I’m very excited for B, because I know she will get to experience so much more, and she’s growing into a fabulously beautiful and creative little person. There’s so much I haven’t had time to write about these days, with the business of life, but I will make time to capture as much as I can. Time and memories fade so fast.


Sara had a great time at the open house, and although she was a bit nervous as we walked on campus at the beginning of the night, by the time we left she said to me, “I don’t want to go back to elementary school tomorrow mom!” I’m glad the night proved that middle school isn’t such a scary a place, like she originally thought it to be. She was particularly excited about the Newscan group, in which 7th and 8th graders get to present the news, live.

She also loved the thought of having her own locker, the big library and the band room, with it’s myriad of instruments.

I’m excited for you Sara B, and I love you!





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