I feel so grateful. I feel so blessed.


With this view and life with this incredible man, how could I not feel this way?

The weather has been sublime these days. Some days we dress in jeans and a light coat, other days we wear spaghetti strap dresses or shorts and a tank top. Either way, I love this time of year.

We’ve started the first part of the year with a steady stream of activity. The girls are working hard in school, and they practice jazz, gymnastics and ballet in the afternoons. I continue along the path that will eventually lead me to my BSN, as I work my way through a few more pre-reques. On the other days of the week, I’m honored to care for people and their family members,and I fulfill my passion, working as a nurse. Doug has been busy, with the start of the year consumed with NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), the largest trade show for musicians, along with several business trips already. It was another successful year and show for the Sabian team. And, the percussion accessory Doug designed and has been working on for over 1.5 years, won best percussion accessory of the year at NAMM. I’m so proud of him! He’s been working away at his new studio which stands only a mile away from our home. It’s amazing, and eventually I’ll post pictures of his 70’s modern Dwell-style studio space.

IMG_3275 copy

Amongst the business of the  past few weeks, we’ve stolen some moments for fun, and we’ve enjoyed every bit of the beautiful weather that Florida has graciously gifted us.

Three weeks ago, our dear friends Ross and Rhonda, and their children, came for a visit. My kind and generous parents let us borrow their pontoon, so we spent the day cruising atop the sparkly bay, on a most gorgeous day. The temp was a mere 70*, occasionally feeling like 55*, with the wind speeding across our bodies.


We cruised around the bay for a while before we found a calm and quiet space on the water, uninterrupted by boat traffic. There we anchored the boat and started the charcoal grill, for our afternoon picnic on the bay. Hotdogs and hamburgers, the traditional  American summer fare, seemed appropriate and brought the wonderful feelings of summer. I can hardly wait for the lazy days of summer to arrive.

After lunch, we cruised under the Courtney Campbell Causeway, and around the bay, before we found another spot for the kids to play in the water.

In the early evening, we made our way back to the marina and then eventually back to the house. With sun kissed skin and relaxed bodies, we got cleaned up and dressed for dinner.

The adults went to dinner downtown at Green Springs, and the kids hung at the house and enjoyed a pizza/movie night. I love Green Springs. Our friend Paul, who is owner and chef, gifted us with a beautiful appetizer; gumbo and fish spread.  Each of us enjoyed an amazing filet, saved specifically for us, along with sangria and wine. After dinner, chef Paul wrapped a  fresh piece of salmon (caught that day) for us to take home and enjoy later on.

We walked back to the house via Main Street, stopping to say hi to our friend Craig, owner and bartender of  Nolan’s Pub.  When we arrived home, we enjoyed a little more time together before saying our goodbye’s. I’m always reminded of how much I love where we live, when company is in town.

Much of our time over the weekends is spent outdoors sitting on the dock. The weather is too perfect to be indoors. My favorite weekend days consist of long naps on the dock with Doug (and sometimes the girls if we can convince them), with a blanket covering our legs. Then we spend the evening cooking together while sipping wine and listening to the Amos Lee station. Recently, Doug has perfected Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup with thin sliced beef that only cooks once the all day beef broth is poured on top. The accompaniments that go atop the soup include cilantro, lime, jalapeno and bean sprouts. It’s amazing, and soul satisfying, especially on the colder days.

The weekend evening ends with a movie, that we never complete because our satisfied souls send us into sleep mode on the couch. We awake at 9 am the next day, feeling grateful for another day together as a family. I’m thankful. These days are the perfect days, and I never take them for granted. Being a nurse has helped me see this.


I’ll leave you with these photo’s.  Sara received a bucket full of quality makeup from our gorgeous friend Zoe, who used to work for Sephora. She’s enjoyed experimenting with color, and this is her latest work on model Sophia Jayne.




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