The Bigger the Figure

My favorite days are the days when it rains, and Doug’s home cooking an Italian meal for our family, while Louis Prima sings The Bigger the Figure. I imagine myself as the woman Louis sings of. Meghan Trainor must have taken her cues from Louis when she wrote her hit All About That Bass, as he was the original artist to write about the beauty of a big woman. Listen to this song if you haven’t already, it’s endearing with occasional slap in the face lyrics in between… very perfect for it’s time. Soon I’ll be the woman Louis sings of, as I enjoy the homemade lasagna, made with homemade pasta, and homemade sauce that Doug has so beautifully created for us. The figure gets bigger with the Italian donuts that follow. The house smells appropriate of the Italian tunes that play.

I’m glad for Doug’s arrival home from CA. We eat like adults now, and gone is the week of pizza, cereal and egg in the middle dinners, that the girls and I survived on for the 9 days he was gone.

We arrived home from Sophie’s dance class tonight to a table filled with love, wine, lasagna, and Italian dough. A light rain from the sky made the night perfect, and the dinner comforting.

We love it when he’s home. Life is better now.



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