Christmas Chorus

Sara joined chorus this year, and in December the group put on a beautiful Christmas production in the school auditorium. In the midst of all the running around and business of the holiday season, which felt like a season that passed us too quickly this year, it was nice to stop and enjoy as we  watched Sara and her friends perform in their Christmas performance. It was what we needed this year, to stop and enjoy the season. That night got us prepared.

It was also the night in which we decided to plan out our Christmas break, and the times in which we’d bake cookies, watch Christmas movies together and Christmas shop. I know it may sound silly, but in the midst of a very busy season, I believe it’s imperative to schedule  the most important things in life. The most important thing in life to me, and I can say this for Doug too, is time with the ones we love. At that point in December, both of us were feeling beyond overwhelmed with life. I had just finished a very busy semester with three classes, while working full time and managing our home, along with many birthdays, 2 recent trips away to PA and CO, and Nutcracker rehearsals. Additionally, this is Doug’s busiest time of the year. He took 4 trips in the course of 6 weeks, and has spent many hours preparing for the huge NAMM show in January, that takes place in CA every year. Business is good, and I’m not complaining, but December was too much. To stop and “be” and listen to Christmas music, and watch our beautiful 10 year old on the stage, put things in perspective. It’s what we needed.


You did a beautiful job singing. I’m so proud of your commitment and dedication to the choral program. You are beautiful inside and out and I love you so much!!



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