Fifth and Second 

The summer was so much fun, and our family vacation one of the best so far. I haven’t had a chance to sit and write about it yet, as I’ve been enjoying every last second of the summer with the girls and Doug on my days off from the hospital. I can’t wait to write about it, but I feel I should have at least 6 hours of time allotted, in order to capture every detail, for the girls to remember someday. The details of swimming, beach days, movie nights, dolphins and watching private jets land in the middle of the island are some of the highlights.  

 The girls were up and ready for the 1st day of school by 6:40 am this morning, an hour and 20 min. before we had to leave. They were so excited to dress in their new attire, sport their new shoes, and walk onto campus with new backpacks, that inside not only carried a ton of supplies, but a handful of new goals, fears and wishes for the school year. I remember starting every new school year with the statements, ” I’m going to pay attention in class”, and “I’m going to make principals list this year”, and “I’ll be kind to everyone, even if they aren’t kind to me”. These were statements I heard from the girls over the past week. There was also lots of car talk over the past week about how to deal with mean girls, and how to stand up and do the right thing. 

The girls had a great day! Sara adores her new teacher Mrs. Chase, and Sophie is happy to be in Mrs. Walls class. 


I love you both, and I’m so proud of you ladies!!! 



P.S. Photo’s and videos to come from the Back to School Fashion Show the girls put on for Doug and I and from our family vacation 😀