Aloha Sara

Sara B is 10 years old! We celebrated her birthday last weekend by inviting a few of her friends and family members to our house for a Luau and water slide fun. It was a great day.

The party started at 11am, when friends and family started arriving, but technically the birthday fun started a few days prior. Thursday, Sara and I spent the day together (while Soph spent the day with her friend) picking up birthday items, cupcake mix, goody bags and planning her birthday party. I love when I get one-on-one time with either of my girls. Doug started prepping the food on Friday, and we baked cupcakes that day too. With the delicious smells filling the house and the party decor atop the table, Sara felt the excitement and began the countdown to party time.

Saturday morning we were up early to finish the food, pick up balloons, and decorate  the house and yard.

In the midst of the busy food prep, Doug carved a watermelon into a shark and stuffed it with fruit. Later, Sara went on to name her new friend. Coconut was the name she chose for him. He amazes me, and so does Doug.

As soon as Sara’s friends and cousins arrived, the continuous rounds of walking running up the gigantic water slide and then sliding down, began. The kids had hours (9 hours) of easy fun and laughter on the big water slide named, The Big Kahuna.

Everyone who came received a lei and a pair of sunglasses. We watched the kids play for about 2 hours, before it was time for lunch.

Sara's 10th birthday

Doug made an amazing Hawaiian Pork roast with a side of homemade pineapple salsa that could be eaten alone, or on a Hawaiian roll. There was fresh fruit, coleslaw and other sides. Of course, the kid’s sipped on Hawaiian punch, per Sara’s request to continue the Hawaiian theme.

After lunch, and a few more rounds on the water slide, Sara opened the many wonderful gifts that her friends and family brought for her. Thanks everyone.

Sara, here’s a list of your gifts:

  • Shopkin’s Vegetable set
  • Shopkin’s frozen set
  • Art Set
  • Starbuck’s gift card
  • $$
  • iTunes gift card
  • MiWorld Karoke lounge
  • Bracelets
  • Cute top
  • Bead maker
  • Design your own messenger bag
  • Lego set
  • Name plate
  • “Sara” necklace from Rome Italy, from Melissa.
  • Dog backpack
  • Chalk board
  • iPhone- with real service, so that Daddy can always get ahold of her

I especially loved the gifts that Frankie, Lil and Audrey personally gifted to Sara,and wrapped on their own. Frankie was so proud and excited to give her the little wooden treasure chest filled with money, that he once loved but now felt she should have. Audrey, gifted Sara with a pink princess key, that sounds like it’s starting a car when the button on the side is pressed and a little angel doll. Lil wore a huge proud grin on her face when Sara opened the gift from her, a big pink stuffed Care Bear that she once cuddled with. It was so cute. Thanks Frankie, Lil and Audrey for your giving hearts, and to all of the friends and family for the generous and thoughtful gifts!! Sara’s thrilled.

Cupcake time is almost as great as gift time. So, after gifts it was time for cupcakes and the birthday song.

The kids played on the slide for another hour or so, before we said goodbye to our guests.

Sara’s two close friends, Dayna and Lea stayed for our planned girls sleepover. For the rest of the afternoon, the 4 of them (Sophie included) played on the slide and gave me great camera poses on their way down.

In the evening, after the girls were worn out from the sun and hours of playing on the slide, they ate pizza for dinner and watched a 3D movie on the couch with too much candy. Then they crashed on the big air mattress for the night, and I love that all of them included Sophie in the fun. That made me proud.


I remember the day I held you in my arms for the very first time, and the instant love I felt in my heart for you.

Sara's birth

You are an amazing person, artistic, beautiful, smart and you give love to so many!

Happy birthday B! I’m so proud of all you are and Daddy and I are so thankful for you! I love you more then you’ll ever know.




Sara's 10th birthday

Sara's 10th birthday

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