Little Performers

The girls have been busy with several different show’s between the two of them.

Sara took tap class for the first time over the 2014-2015 school year. She took classes at Ruth Eckerd Hall, and loved it. At the end of the school year, her class put together a little recital for the parents. Sara did a great job, and plans on continuing next fall, but will pursue jazz class over the summer..

Sara decided to join chorus this school year. Here are a few shots from her school performance. Great job B!

Sara left 4th grade with Honor Roll. She will be starting her last semester of elementary school in the Fall. I cannot believe it!!

Currently she’s interested in art, tap, jazz, reading and hanging with friends. I love you B, you’re awesome. Congrats on a great school year.

Sophie wrote a play called The Surgery with her friend Maryanna and had the chance to perform with her other classmates, for a show they put on for the parents. Sophie was hilarious and had everyone laughing. I though she’d be nervous or quiet with stage fright, but she rocked it. Her peers did a great job too, but they were so shy. Not Sophie. I didn’t realize that she was such a great little actress, and unafraid of performing before a crowd. She takes after her dad in that department. Great job Soph!

I loved their props, and costumes. So cute!!

The next day Sophie was chosen to receive the Character Award for Caring! She was recognized in a school-wide assembly. This makes me proud, and not surprised. Sophie is truly the most caring little girl I know. She’s a giver too. Congrats Soph. We are so proud of you!

On Saturday evening of May 30th, Sophie performed in her class ballet recital. She’s apart of a class of about 5. None of her friends were able to perform due to various reasons (and she’s known this all along) but she still chose to perform. She did a solo and I was so proud of her bravery, because the studio was packed with family members and friends. She was nervous, but she got out there and did it! You were beautiful Sophie.

Sophie made Honor Roll too! She will be in 2nd grade in the Fall. She’s interested in ballet, stuffed animals, art and giving gifts. I love you Sopha!

Here’s a random picture of the girls from the beginning of summer. They’re coming up with all kinds of fun together, including a cheerleading group.

Sara and Sophie cheerlearders

We are so excited for summer! I have no more studying to do, just the business of learning how to manage as a new nurse, which is exciting and scary.

We’re planning Sara’s big 10th birthday (wow) and finalizing family vacation plans this week. I love this time of year.

Happy Summer!