Spring No Break

I’m not lounging in the sun right now, with a good book and a nice drink as I watch the girls splash around in the waves that belong to the sea. Instead, I sit at my desk feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt for writing this post and looking through pictures, when I should be continuing the reading I started 3 hours ago on everything I’ve learned this semester. This reading includes brain injuries, cardiac issues, EKG readings, shock states, kidney and liver diseases and HIV, and not the fun and easy reading of the old days. But, I’m so close. I have 4 more exams in the next 2 weeks. The final exam is on Monday, and I have loads of studying to do before then. But, it’s not been all work no play, either.

I’ve had glimpses of what my near future freedom will look like, through small breaks from nursing school work, in exchange for fun with my family. I’ve had to maintain that in order to maintain sanity. Yesterday on our way to Busch Gardens, as we crossed the Causeway, I felt that sudden chill of excitement that coursed through my blood, when all of the sudden I thought to myself, I only have 2 more weeks of studying and testing, and I’ve completed all of my nursing school lectures (well at least for now, until time to work for higher degree), and I’m done with clinical’s. In 2 weeks I start management, a time frame of 3-4 weeks in which I will be taking my own patient’s under the supervision of an R.N. I’m so excited.  It was on the car ride over to Busch Gardens yesterday that a thought hit me, it was the thought of “Holy crap, I’m almost done, and…… I will be caring for people, and……. I’m going to be an R.N”. This semester has been full speed and I haven’t had a second to think about or be excited with the thought of my near completion.

With that thought, I should get on to studying, so I can complete this journey of my life. I will get to revisit and give love to my creative side (which I’ve neglected for science/medical side for 2 years) and passion of photography and writing, in a few short weeks when I finish nursing school, but I’ll at least post these pictures from the past few weeks.

We attended the annual SH Seafood Festival a few weeks ago. The girls enjoyed lemonade and jamaican meat pies, live music and playing ball.

I love where we live. The weather has been perfect lately.

We also spent a day visiting with friends and Nona Ciske (our friend Ted’s mom, who’s like another mom to us) at the beach. Nona Ciske stayed in a cute beach cottage while she was in town. We spent the day playing in the sand and water, and the evening grilling and enjoying dinner together before we watched the sun set.

The girls got to spend the night with their cousins on Tuesday night, and play all day Wednesday. Then we spent a few hours at Busch Gardens yesterday before it started pouring. We have plans to color Easter eggs, see the movie Cinderella in the theater, Mall shop for Easter dresses, search for Easter eggs in the egg hunt at Mia and Pappa’s on Sunday, and enjoy this beautiful weather. Doug made pickled eggs too!!

On a side note, Doug has a new position. He was recently offered a position with Sabian cymbals working as  their Creative Director, Brand Specialist, Video Creative Development and Artist Relations, and he accepted their offer. He is very excited for this new venture, and I’m so happy for him. In addition to that, he is revisiting a passion and talent he possesses, but does not utilize; voice over work. He’s packaged with a great radio voice, and used to work as a DJ on a local radio station in PA, back in his younger years. I think he has a pretty sexy voice myself. There are lots of new things happening around here, and it’s good.

Happy Spring Break. For me, no break.