Mild Sunshine

For those of you buried in snow right now, you may want to stop reading.

Warning: viewer discretion is advised. The following material may contain:

S- Sunshine (mild)

EP- Explicit photo’s of warm weather outdoor activities

N- Nudity of the arms and legs (scarves, long sleeved shirts and jeans have been put away).

It’s hot here, at 84*. We’ve had great weather for the past few months. It’s been somewhat chilly (for Floridians anyways) up until this week, with the weather dipping occasionally into the 40’s and then warming up to the 60’s/70’s in the afternoon. We’ve had some rain too, which I love, except for the day we couldn’t  find the umbrella (although that made for laughs and fun as well).

Soaked from the rain, and no umbrella.
Soaked from the rain, and no umbrella.

I think Florida has officially entered spring time, and I’m sorry to those of you who freeze as you read.

Our dear friends Rhonda and Ross and their three kids came for a visit recently. Ross and Rhonda are Doug’s buddies from high school (and now they’re my buddies too). We recently reunited after many years. They live in PA where there’s lots of snow, so they were very happy to visit sunshiny Florida a few weeks ago. We had a great time together catching up on happenings from the past year, since our last visit with them.

Here are a few pictures from our time together:

We lounged on the dock while sipping sangria’s, walked downtown for shopping and Starbuck’s, we enjoyed a lovely cuban meal that Doug prepared, and we finished our night on the dock with the fireplace going. The girls had a great time too, with their girlfriends Maggie and Sadie. Thanks for a wonderful visit Thomas’, we can’t wait to be with you again soon!

Since the beautiful weather has arrived, we have re-opened the dock and spent much time out there taking in the sunshine. This is may favorite spot to study, and study is constant these days.

Doug has pulled out the kayaks, and even though I was not ready to brave the chilly water the other day, I think I’ll join him in my kayak soon. For now, his buddy and neighborhood friend/playdate Dario, has kept him company on the water.

Our wonderful neighbor Sus, who’s like family to us, and her family Lise, Yen and Ulla (who are visiting from Denmark), came for dinner the other night. These are pic’s of our dear friends from last years get together, because I failed to take pictures the other night:

Doug made cuban, which included pork roast, rope vieja, black bean, rice, plantains, green beans, and a tomato and avocado salad. Our kind guests brought gifts for the girls, and gifts for us including a beautiful bottle of red wine, a new Stelton Scandinavian coffee thermos and a viking pin for me.

After a wonderful meal prepared by Doug, Lise (who is an amazing artist) spent some time showing the girls how to use a new app called Paper by Fifty Three. Lise created this piece with her fingertip on her iPad, in a matter of 30 seconds.

Art by Lise

Then Sara followed with these works of art:

Sara's art

Sara's art

Hope you are well! To the many family and friends that I have not seen for a long time, I’m almost done with nursing school, and I’ll have more time soon. I’ve had to maintain strict focus on nursing school, Doug and the girls (this is my only focus right now). Although this post seems to contraindicate the latter statement, the people I have seen only live a door or two away, or came from far to visit (Denmark and PA), but other those few occasions, I stay focused on my goal, realizing that someday soon I’ll be an R.N. Soon I’ll be done with the madness of nursing school, and although it’s been a great journey, I’m experiencing severe senioritis and I’m ready for the next phase. xoxo. For now stay warm, or come to Florida.

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