I Love You Daddy, Oh Yes I Do..

Although it’s been some time since I’ve wanted to write this post, I figure better late then never. Our hours here in the Webber home are filled with school work, ballet and tap classes and endless studying for mommy. The girls are doing well in 4th and 1st grade, and I only have 3 more months of nursing school to complete!

Mid January, Daddy left for the NAMM show in California for 10 days. We missed him a great deal, but the girls and I did our girly things. We visited the mall a few times, had a girls night out with dinner at our favorite restaurant, watched movies together on the couch, and of course the girls got to sleep with me on the weekend nights. But, it’s never the same when Daddy’s away. We chat with him on the phone and sometimes Facetime when we start missing him. The girls like to send text messages, and lately Sophie is loving the audio message feature on her iPad. Since Daddy wasn’t home to tuck the girls and in bed, and sing goodnight songs, he sent a message.

Daddy message

And, Sophie sent this audio message back. I love it!

Sophie message

The girls and I were thrilled when it was time to pick Daddy up from the airport on that particular Monday night. A 10 day trip is a long  time to be gone.

Of course, there were gifts that made there way into Daddy’s suitcase and home for the girls. He always brings back little treasures for them. This time the girls got Los Angeles purses, t-shirts, little shoe charms, and personalized name key chains.

Life is better when Doug is home : ) I’m particularly grateful for our fun weekend nights together, when we sip wine, listen to 80’s rap or rock, U2 or Snoop Dog, cook a fabulous dinner and fall asleep on the couch watching a great movie together. This was Friday night’s meal.

Steak with chimichurri (parsley, cilantro, capers, vinegar, jalapeño, green onion), roasted carrots, greens beans, and risotto.
Steak with chimichurri (parsley, cilantro, capers, vinegar, jalapeño, green onion), roasted carrots, greens beans, and risotto.

On a few random notes, here are a few cute shots of Sara cooking with Daddy in the kitchen, for Super Bowl Sunday. Our neighbors and good friends came over for bad food, and good fun (commercial’s and half time). Doug made roast beef sliders, grilled chicken wings, boiled peanuts, and homemade french onion dip. So naughty.

Check out this cute little bird that Doug discovered.

The weekend has been beautiful. The weather is perfect. We will be riding bikes or kayaking together as a family, at some point today. It’s too beautiful to be indoors. Yesterday morning we woke to runners, running down Bayshore for The Best Damn Race 5k. We witness runners in 5k’s and races all the time, as Bayshore is a great spot for this sort of thing. I love waking up to it. This makes me think…perhaps I should join them soon : )

Enjoy your weekend and week ahead!