Holiday Break

It was a great and fast holiday break! The girls were out of school for 2 weeks and we filled every second with Christmas fun, and time together.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we went Christmas tree shopping, and found the perfect one at Home Depot.

Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014

Then we spent the rest of the day decorating the tree and house, before we watched our first family Christmas movie of the season, Home Alone.

During the break, we spent almost every weekend watching a different Christmas movie, and time cooking, baking, shopping and having fun together. We also enjoyed the beautiful weather which never really dropped below 60*, which also meant plenty of time on the dock. There was some rain and days of fog, but that made it feel like a wintery Christmas, since the weather didn’t do it for us.

Doug's homemade meatballs, with a side of garlic, parmesan and olive oil pasta.
Doug’s homemade meatballs, with a side of garlic, parmesan and olive oil pasta.

On Saturday the 20th, we attended the annual SH Christmas parade. We’ve gone every year for the past 13 years. Downtown Main Street closes down to traffic, and the parade travels the entire length of Main Street. The girls love it.

After the parade and a short nap that day, we took the girls to see Annie, with our friends, the Negrini’s. It was a great movie.

We also celebrated Sophie’s 7th birthday as a family, at Carraba’s (her choice) that weekend. Happy birthday Sophie Jayne.

Sophie's 7th birthday

The week of Christmas, the girls and I made a few last minute trips to the mall for gifts, had lunches out together and wrapped a lot of presents.

On Christmas Eve, we baked cookies for Santa, wrote letters to Santa, opened a gift from Mom and Dad (Christmas pj’s), and enjoyed a lovely Christmas Eve dinner and movie, Polar Express.  When the girls went to bed, Doug started our dinner: lamb chops, risotto and asparagus. Then we watched our Christmas Eve traditional movie, Christmas Vacation. 

Then is was time for Santa to pay a visit (I think he stopped by at 2 am), before we celebrated Christmas day….and I’ll post those pics soon.

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