14 Year NC Anniversary Trip

On November 11th, Doug and I celebrated our 14 year anniversary. To celebrate the 14 years of love, weight gain and weight loss, growth, hardships, comfort, stress, fun, surprises, and kids, we traveled to our favorite cabin in NC, a place we call heaven. Thanks to our wonderful friends, who open up their place to us each year!

On Thursday Nov. 6th, I ran home from clinical’s to meet Doug and our bags waiting for me at the front door. We hopped in the car and headed to the airport. Before we boarded the plane, we enjoyed a glass of sangria and dinner at the Columbia Restaurant. Then we were off.

14 year NC anniversary trip

We made it to the cabin right around 11 pm.

On Friday, we spent the day with our friends Greg and Sue. We walked and shopped around Blue Ridge, visited Mercier Apple Orchard and enjoyed a delicious lunch at a new place called Fightingtown Tavern. The burgers and baked beans were the best I’ve ever had! The chef was so kind and generous to print a copy of the recipe for us too. On our way back to the cabin, we stopped to feed the horses a few of the apples we purchased at the orchards. We ended the night with a few glasses of wine, small plate food, and time with our friends Greg and Sue.

I could tell you every little detail of the rest of our time there from Saturday- Wednesday, but I won’t. I will say that each day was a day of rest, fun, and time for our bodies to stop and rest and our brains to think. It’s what both of us needed so badly. We have been going non-stop lately, as parents who also carry the title’s of  business owner and nursing student, that it seems as though there’s no “think” time, I mean there’s lots of hard core thinking going on, but it’s like “think overload”. There’s not the type of “think” time that includes stopping to reflect, imagine, dream, and plan ideas for future.  There seems to be no time to just be. Or, time to play. Or, time to be inspired and create. Or, time to renew the reasons in our thoughts for why we do all of this in the first place. It’s like everything has been so rushed, that our brains got scrambled along the way with all of it, and the thoughts of what’s next on the list…a sort of overwhelming sense that if we didn’t take a break, we’d eventually break (and not as a couple), but in other ways. North Carolina gives us that break. It’s an open and inviting  place that welcomes us with nothing but peace and tranquility. Carolina and the cabin force us to shut down physically and mentally, to remember the simple things, to be inspired once again and to have fun. It’s a place that helps us stop and realize how blessed we are, and also how much we both love what we do. Our brains and bodies have a second to stop, think and enjoy.

During our (almost) week long stay, we spent much time relaxing. We cooked a lot. We read. We recharged. We clanked wine glasses and cheered as we watched the fire dance and  comfort food warm our insides. The cabin smelled of deliciousness our entire stay, because Mr. Webber loves to cook, and I love that he loves to cook.  We played games. We sat outdoors by a big bonfire, and sipped soup. We fed the nearby horses. We watched movies by the fire, and cuddled on the couch. We hiked. We slept. We soaked in a fizzy bathtub. We sat by the river. We sat on the front porch. We grilled naughty food. We made Italian wedding soup, beef short ribs, grilled decadent 4 cheese sandwiches, wings and more. We drank beer. We napped. We did whatever, whenever. It was fabulous.

Here are the pictures we took. Most are nature shots, but the beauty of North Carolina forces one to  capture her loveliness with the lens. Nothing can describe this place. You just have to be there.

On November 11th, our actual anniversary, we sat by the river and a fire, while we enjoyed a glass of red. The sound of the river rushing downstream, hitting rocks along the way, along with the fire crackling, put us into a quiet open eyed nap. Then Doug left for a second and arrived back with a gift for me.

Rewind to February 14th 2000. On this Valentines Day 14 years ago, Doug and I had just been newly dating (2 months). He took me to dinner at a little bistro called Travis Bistro. Before we walked into the restaurant, he pulled out a small black jewelry box. Inside the box, rested a beautiful silver necklace that carried a petite diamond charm. Doug said that he saw it and thought of me because it was so delicate and beautiful. I wore it all the time, and it was beautiful. But, along the way, through several years and several moves, I misplaced this most valuable piece I owned. Recently, I wished that I still had the necklace that had meant so much to me and carried with it great sentimental value, so I mentioned it to Doug.

….Now on this becautiful day in November, 14 years later, as we sat by the river in NC, Doug handed me a card and a black box. Inside of the box rested a beautiful silver necklace that carried a petite diamond charm. The exact same necklace he gifted me with on Valentines Day 2000. It was one of my most favorite moment’s of our trip. The thoughtfulness that went into this gift and the love that came along was overwhelming. Thank you babe. I just love it!

14 year anniversary necklace

Happy anniversary to the love of my life. Thank you Mr. Webber for 14 lovely years, and two beautiful daughters. Thank you for being you. Thank you for inspiring me, challenging me, loving me, supporting me (through the craziness of nursing school) and for being you! I love you~


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