Zombie Cheerleader and Vampire Kitty

This last Halloween was  the first Halloween the girls veered from princess dresses, or animal print. Both girls wanted to be scary this year, which was shocking because they’re usually the scared ones.

Sara decided on playing the role of a zombie cheerleader. Sophie always wants to be a cat (I think she’s been a cat at least 4 halloweens of her 7 years of living), but since her sister was doing something scary, she decided on a combo: vampire kitty.

We hired Doug’s friend Mike and Mike’s girlfriend Alicia, who are make up artists, to come before trick-or-treating, and paint the girls faces.

Before the make-up went on, Sara had to come up with her “story” of how she died and became a zombie. That story would determine the way the make-up would be applied. Sara’s story went like this: “I was a teenage cheerleader in high school, and the lightest one of all, so I had to be on the top of the pyramid. But, the bottom was unstable and I fell from high up, knocking my head on the sidewalk, and I died.”

Sophie was hesitant at first about applying make-up, but by the time Sara was finished, she was begging me to have her face painted too.

Melissa spent the afternoon with us,  watching the make-up session, and helping with last minute touch up’s. On a side note, Melissa is not only the girls nanny, but she’s part of our family. She’s like a big sis to the girls, and even when she’s not attending to the girls, she spends time hanging with us. We are very blessed.

By 4:30 pm, it was time to walk downtown and show off the girls brilliant costumes. Their make-up was outstanding. Thank you Alicia!

The girls gathered lots of candy, met with neighborhood friends and compared costumes, and scared little people (not intentionally) with their gory make-up. I think Sara felt bad about that a few times, because she can remember the time when she was scared by the gory costumes older kids would display on Halloween night. She can still remember the owner of the hardware store,  who would sport a big nail threw his head, with blood gushing down his cheek.

After trick-or- treating, we walked to our neighbor Sus’s house for more candy and some time with her (and our) Danish friends.

Then we headed to Melissa’s house for caramel apples, and more candy, before we called it a night and retired on the dock by a fire.

That’s our Halloween story, even  though it’s 2months late.