Snuggle Bunny

The air is cold in Florida. It went down to 39* the other day. But, now it feels like the holiday’s. We love the weather, but we weren’t prepared for the cold. Sophie’s jacket sleeves hit midway between her wrist and elbow, Sara refused to wear last year’s style, and 2 sets of legs grew taller!

Last night we shopped at Burlington Coat Factory for new coats, winter boots and pants.

Sara kept her look mature while searching for a coat, but Sophie went with the snuggle bunny look. They’re so cute!

Sophie and Sara- new coats



I haven’t written much lately, which makes me sad, but I don’t feel as though I have a second to. I’m about to wrap up the 3rd semester of nursing school, and enter into my last semester. I’ll get a short winter break, and during that break, I’ll first and foremost enjoy time with my loved one’s, and then I’ll write. I’ll post pics from Halloween,  the girls and all their cuteness, the recent trip Doug and I took to NC for our anniversary vacation, and life in nursing school. I can’t wait for some play time. Things are good, just very busy, and we are very much looking forward to the winter break!

Happy early Thanksgiving friends and family!


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