Great Extravaganza 2014

Back in September, our friends Dario and Lisa asked us to join them for the Great Extravaganza benefiting the Great Explorations Children’s Museum. We gladly accepted their offer, and went searching for 20’s apparel and accessories. I found a wonderful small checkered blazer for Doug, and he picked out a perfect little dress for me.

We watched the forecast all day, crossing our fingers for clear weather, because the event was to be held outdoors at the Rutland-Farley Estate. The festivities for the evening were to include lawn games, live auctions, food, drinks and mingling, and synchronized swimmers. …..and it poured and poured and poured that night. We started our journey on the soggy premises under a big white tent, enjoying hors d’oeuvres and drinks

Then we landed on a packed front porch with lots of other folks, before we finally found a comfy spot inside the mansion.

Eventually we slowly and carefully ran (as it was wet and we were wearing heels) through a light sprinkling of rain, to the pool house and outdoor bar that presented a  big buffet of delicious foods. Doug tipped a nice waiter in exchange for a folding chair . Then after eating,  we found the 2nd story of the big tree house that overlooked the pool, and I wished at that moment that the synchronized swimmers would magically  appear, and put on a beautiful show. But, in the midst of our journey from dry place to dry place, we ate, drank, laughed, admired the best costumes, and enjoyed being with great friends. It was amazing and even though it was a wet night, it wasn’t a wash.

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