Labor Day Weekend

During the Labor day weekend, we took a quick excursion to the Hilton Orlando for a little pool play, sun, Blue Man group and time with our Goddaughter Harper and her family, for her 5th birthday.

I left school early on Friday and then snatched the girls from school before lunch time. Then we left for Orlando.

We arrived at the Hilton Orlando on Friday afternoon around 2 pm. The girls quickly switched from school clothes to swim suits while Doug and I unpacked. We spent about 2 hours swimming in the pool before a thunderstorm hit. At that point we decided to take cover at the pool bar, where we ordered burgers and wings for dinner as we watched the rain water hit the pool water. It was fun. After dinner we played a game of pool and table hockey, while the rain continued. The rain never really cleared, so the rest of the night was spent touring the hotel, enjoying dessert and then finally retiring in our big comfy hotel beds, as we fell asleep to the Movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman. 

Saturday brought with it perfect weather. We made our way down to the pool by 9 am. We spent the day drifting down the lazy river, sliding down the water slide and watching the girls play mermaid in the pool. Around 3:30 pm, we went back up to our room to get cleaned up for our trip to City Walk, where we we would see the show Blue Man Group. Doug did work with Blue Man Group at the beginning of the year, so he was able to secure wonderful seats and such. The show was awesome!! The girls loved every second, except occasionally Sophie feared they might choose her as a volunteer to join them on stage. Sara made sure to reassure her that it would never happen because then “they would need a consent form signed by mom and dad”. Ha.

We were hungry after the show and had planned on eating somewhere inside City Walk, but we were too tired. We decided to retire to the hotel and order dinner in, where we would get faster service and avoid dealing with other people. We ate and then with full bellies and tired bodies from a day in the sun, we fell asleep happy.

Sunday, we rented a Cabana and spent the day being spoiled by the best wait staff ever. Around noon, our good friends Ray and Nicole, along with our Goddaughter Harper and her baby sister Halo arrived to meet us for a day of play. Of course we had a great time catching up, as they recently moved to NC and we don’t see much anymore. We went down the lazy river, and down the water slide many times.

Then an afternoon thunderstorm hit, and we took shelter in the cabana, pulling the canvas walls down around us. We danced to music playing from Doug’s jawbone speaker, and then our kind and wonderful servers Kelly, Justin and Jorge brought the girls cake and ice cream to celebrate Harper’s 5th birthday and to keep the girls occupied while we waited for the storm to pass. It was so much fun.

When the rain subsided, we continued swimming, eating and playing for the remainder of the day.

We ended the night roasting smores by a big outdoor fire. Happy 5th birthday Harper. We love you, and your sweet sister Halo.

On Monday, we spent the morning swimming a little more before we packed up and headed home. It was a wonderful weekend, and a nice diversion from school work.

BTW, I must mention how inspired I am by my husband and his generosity towards those who made our stay so special. He went above and beyond in his giving, and would never mention that to anyone. At one point, our college aged server Justin said to me, “Your husband’s amazing. He’s looking for change to tip the boy who  inflated your floatie’s and then he tipped the musician.” When the night ended Justin went into a long speech, telling Doug how much he admired him and that he wants to live the same kind of life someday. It was an honor and inspiration to hear this, and every word was true. He asked if Doug could mentor him as well. It was awesome, and the best part of all of it, was that the girls got to hear Justin rave about their daddy. I love you babe. Thank you for your giving heart, the love you share and for inspiring me always.