Normal Mom

What constitutes a normal mom? The other day as I watched the girls stuff their faces with s’mores, I chatted with their babysitter Melissa. Melissa is tall, not abnormally tall, just tall. Sophie stated to me with chocolate on her face, “Mom I kind of just wish you were a normal mom”. With a puzzled look on my face I questioned her statement asking,  “What do you mean Sopha? Then she said,  “Well it’s just that you’re kind of short and most moms are normal and tall”, all the while she’s staring at her gorgeously tall nanny Melissa. In addition, the girls continually question me on whether or not I’m a teenager or an adult. I think they fear that someday I’ll come out of secrecy and tell them that all along I’ve been faking this whole thing, and that I’m just really a teenager imported in to pretend to be their mom. It’s this deep rooted fear they have. I mean seriously this is getting old. It’s like for real girls… I’m your mother now take me seriously! Like seriously!


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