Sara’s 9th Birthday Celebration’s

Sara B is officially 9, as of Tuesday June 24th @ 4:45 p.m. At that point in the day Doug, the girls and I waited in line to board the big yellow circular raft at Busch Gardens; the Congo River Rapids ride. It was Sophie’s favorite ride. Early that morning, on our way to the park, we stopped by Starbuck’s for breakfast drinks. Then we enjoyed our sausage, egg and cheese on english muffins that Daddy prepared for breakfast. We arrived at the park around 10 am, and hit as many rides as we could before lunch. After lunch we rode the sky ride, train and saw Iceplorations a beautiful ice skating show. The highlight of the day was riding on Cheetah Hunt with Sara. I still can’t believe she did that one! We stayed until nearly 6:45 pm. On our way back to the harbor, we stopped at Pete and Shorty’s for burgers and to celebrate Sara and 9 wonderful years. BTW, all of the pics below were pics that Sara took, minus the ones she’s in.

Last Saturday the 21st, we celebrated Sara’s 9th birthday with family and friends. The theme: Splish Splash birthday bash, and everything turquoise with hints of color here and there (per Sara’s request). WARNING: there are hundred’s of pics, but I don’t care because this is for Sara, and she will want to see every last one of these pictures! At 10 a.m., Amazing Jumps arrived at the house to set up the big water slide, with the splash pool at the bottom. Our neighbors grandkids came for the pre-party. They’re visiting from out of town. They played for 2 hours before they had to pack up and leave for Orlando, which wrapped up the pre-party. IMG_0444 At noon the party began. Sara’s friends arrived one by one……Dayna, Analiese, Harlow and Chante. Two other close friends of Sara’s (Emma and Brooklyn) were vacationing, so they couldn’t make it. Then the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and more friends (that are like family) started arriving. Doug set up a huge speaker outdoors that played an iTunes playlist that Sara compiled, which created the perfect vibe. No party is complete without music!

The kids played for an hour on the water slide before it was time to start the water games.

The water games consisted of tossing water balloons through hula hoops, a water balloon race in which the racer had to sit on the balloon and pop it at the finish line, and a water gun fight.

In the meantime, the smell of grilled chicken made the summer birthday feel complete. Everyone anticipated lunch, and politely refrained from asking “when can we eat”, except the kids. They had no problem asking 500 times…. each and every one of them. Doug and Trevor grilled whole chicken’s (that had been marinading for over 24 hrs.  in lemon, garlic, olive oil and other spices). Then they placed the rest of the food on the tables for the guests to enjoy; hot dogs with homemade chili sauce, homemade macaroni salad, baked beans, and roasted potatoes.

Then, while the adults finished dinner, the kiddo’s and big kids (dad) played on the water slide for another hour.

It was finally time for gifts…..please understand that nearly 3 hours had elapsed, but the kids were having SO much fun! Some of the gifts Sara received included:

Dork Diaries Journal




Target gift card

Barnes and Noble gift card


Sunglasses picture frame

A little purse

A wallet


Keyboard and cover for her iPad

Bethany Mota bracelets

Bethany Mota iPhone cover


Cork board



Our Generation Doll

Our Generation doll accessories

…..and more (sorry if I forgot to mention your gift)

Then it was time for cupcakes!

After cupcakes, daddy brought out the microphone to plug into the big speaker. The girls had fun singing along to the iTunes playlist Sara created and Sophie gave her little sister speech. The speech went like this: Hi everyone, thanks for coming to Sara’s birthday…….thank you for all the gifts you gave Sara today……..Daddy….DADDY, come here….I hope everyone likes the cupcakes….thanks for coming… we can go back on the water slide……DADDY….daddy, please come here!…..

When the speech was complete, there was more  playtime on the water slide.

Then it was time for Sara and her friends to change into dry clothes and walk down the street to The Spa at Melissa’s (don’t google that… it’s not an actual place). Melissa and Lisa, our neighbors and friends, spoiled the girls for the afternoon. They started with pizza for dinner then the girls enjoyed manicures and pedicures.

When mani’s and pedi’s were done and thank you’s given, we headed back to the house where Sara, Sophie, Harlow and Dayna spent another 2 hours playing on the water slide. Dayna, Sara’s BFF, stayed the night for a slumber party too. It was an amazing day. Every kid left exhausted….a small gift from Doug and I to each parent ; )

We love you so much Sara B! Happy 9th birthday.

Love, Mom, Dad and Sopha! xoxoxo

Oh, and here’s the last minute evening shot that Dayna took of Sara and I, since I wasn’t in any of the birthday pics. I was there B…..promise!

...the last minute "I forgot to get a picture with you today Sara" shot
…the last minute “I forgot to get a picture with you today Sara” shot

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