Summertime Gladness

It’s summertime and we’re feeling summertime gladness. Life without early mornings, studying, and busy jam-packed schedules is exactly what we needed. Here’s a compilation of pictures from our summer vacation so far:

The girls performed in their end of the year dance recital on Sunday June 1st. They looked gorgeous and performed beautifully.

Daddy travled to NYC for business about 2 weeks ago and made a stop at The American Girl Doll store. He brought back little dresses for the girls because he always brings a gift back for each of them, when he travels. Girls, I can’t wait to take you to that store in the city someday.

The last day of school was June 4th. That evening, we headed to Claire’s Boutique in the mall so that the girls could pick out a gift for a great year and great report cards. Sara made honor roll again. We’re so proud of you B! Sophie made mostly 4’s which is equivalent to A’s and a few 3’s, which is like B’s (I guess). We’re so proud of you Sopha.

Honor Roll

We celebrated little Allie’s 2nd birthday on Saturday the 7th of June. Happy birthday to our beautiful Allie, have fun cooking in your new kitchen. We love you so much!

Allie and Sophie

Two weekends ago we spent time enjoying our town on our bikes, and a new (to us) bike trailer for Sophie, that our neighbor passed along. Sophie loves it because she’s able to ride and pedal when she can and relax when she’s tired. We were able to travel almost all of Bayshore, over McMullen Booth rode via the “very big” bridge, back through the “forest” trail and over the wooden bridge, above the hungry gators. It was quite an adventure. I’m so proud of Sara too because the bridge that crosses over McMullen Booth is no easy feat. She killed it.

We’ve spent time grilling, biking, playing frisbee, watching movies, playing with cousins and friends, sleeping in and lounging in the sun. We’ve also experienced a few summertime rainstorms. Here’s a shot after one of the storms. The light was peeking through the clouds and lit up the mangroves. I love summer rainstorms.

after the rain


We have a new friend. His name is Nigel. He’s our pet bunny from afar. He visits every afternoon for a while then quickly hops away whenever the girls start running towards him. But, he always comes back.


The past weekend the girls got to paint on canvas with their friends. Sara’s friend Emma celebrated her 9th birthday, so we attended her party at Practically Picasso, right downtown. It was a great experience. Then the girls spent the afternoon swimming at Emma’s house.

In the evening we attended our friends house warming party, in which part of the evening included a performance from the girls. They performed as runway models, and after performing for just a few people they knew, they gained a little confidence and decided to gather more guests to attend their little show. It was quite entertaining, especially listening to comments from the wine-satisfied commentators.

We spent yesterday celebrating Doug. I’m very grateful this Father’s Day, for not only Doug, but for my father and father-in-law! That’s for another post.

It’s been a fun summer so far, and we’ve only just begun.

Happy summer friends and family!


P.S. Oh, and I’m working in the ER once a week now. About 2 weeks ago, I received a  random e-mail from the vice president of Bay Area Emergency Physician’s Group, asking if I’d like to participate in a 4 month customer service pilot program in the Morton Plant ER. I accepted, but only on my terms, which is that I can only work once a week and I have to quit when school starts. I’ll tell ya more about that later, but I’m very excited about this opportunity especially because the ER is where I want to be, it’s always been my passion. But, that’s also for another post  : )




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