The Weekend

Our  friend Rick Blake (founder of Blake Real Estate) along with Paddle For Kids, put together a fun paddle board event in the harbor this weekend, to raise awareness for newborn screening. Doug snapped a few shots and a video clip from the dock Saturday morning. It was a beautiful morning, and I was once again reminded of why I love where we live.


The girls walked downtown with Melissa (their babysitter) and Melissa’s mom to the event at the waterfront park, where the paddle races began. They discovered a huge water slide that they slid down for about 3 hours straight. Doug and I met up with them a little later in the day, after our kid-free Target shopping trip : )

After hours in the sun, the girls were exhausted so we headed home for dock time and naps. Then daddy made wings for a Saturday night family dinner  before we walked downtown for ice cream. It was a perfect day.

walk downtown

On Sunday morning Doug ran to Starbuck’s for coffee drinks. I love my barista Dana, even more then you Orville… of Sunday.

she was speaking of herself...
of course, she was speaking of herself…

We did a few morning chores around the house to prepare for company, and Doug made dough for grilled pizza’s that we planned for dinner.


I love watching Doug perform in the kitchen.

The afternoon was spent soaking in the sun with our friends and neighbors Dario and Lisa. We nibbled on cheese, crackers and grapes from a cheese platter that Dario and Lisa brought, drank wine and took in the view before we had to head indoors to avoid the rain.

The rest of the evening was spent grilling pizza’s (while it poured outside), eating fried dough and playing Catch Phrase with the girls. It was another perfect day.

Yesterday I took a long bike ride all by myself while Doug worked in the yard. I’m trying to lower my cholesterol (for real), and trade the fat on my body for muscle.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing on the dock, kayaking watching Doug kayak, grilling Brats and playing games with the girls.

It was a wonderful weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours as well.

Happy Memorial Day, and thanks to every man and woman who has served our country selflessly.

BTW,  I’ve created a new blog for my nursing notes. Some of the posts are new and some are old one’s I’ve transferred from this blog. You can start reading here

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