Summer Has Started

Sara loves to write.  She also loves to read. She wanted to write about her weekend so far on my blog, so here’s a post from guest blogger Sara.

Guest writer Sara Webber:

Summer has started, we are going to do a lot of fun stuff like making pizza, Hilton hotel, bike rides, movies, jolly trolly + more. Me and Sophia have 6 more days of school. Tomorrow is monday we have no school yay!!!! Tonight we are going to invite friends over for pizza, yum!!

Mother’s Day just passed and we had a blast. My mom is pretty, smart, amazing, and sweet. I am so proud of my mom with writing this blog and doing a amazing job at nursing. Happy late Mother’s Day mom. On friday me and Sophia got ours nails done at polished down town with dad. Yesterday we went down to the paddle race. Me and Sophia went down to the paddle race with the Negrini’s, there was a giant water slide. Me and Sophia went on it like a hundred times XD. After that we headed home. We were all very sleepy so we decided to take a little cat nap. After that dad made wings. This week has been very busy. The Webber family hopes you have a amazing summer!! 😉

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